Thankful Thursday: October 4th

This weekly post has been such a stretching experience. Thankfulness sometimes takes work. Have you noticed that? It can be so easy to just breeze through life without stopping to think about being thankful. 5 things should be easy, but some days it is not. Thankfully though, this week it wasn’t too hard at all.

1. My grandpa! Today is his birthday, and it was so delightful to talk to him this evening on my drive home from work. I love him so much, and consider him one of my greatest heroes and role models. He is the most wonderful patriarch of our family!

2. My mom. Continuing in the family vein…one of the benefits of being back at home is that when I don’t feel good mom is right there to help, even in the middle of the night. Thankful for her caring spirit and also for her amazing Greek Salad, which I enjoyed for lunch today. 🙂

3. Gas Mart. Corner gas station right by my house. Everywhere else in this area gas is $3.85+ a gallon, but today at Gas Mart, it was only $3.65! Woot.

4. The new double stroller. Last week we went to Babies R Us and got a brand new double stroller for me to cart Little E and Mr A around in, and I love it. Easy to push, not too heavy, the babies love it and we can go on adventures all over town!

5. Heating pad. Ooohhh how I love my heating pad. Such a lifesaver. Really.


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