Thankful Thursday: September 6th

It’s Thursday! And that means….5 more things to be thankful for!!

1. Rest. Last week was craaaaaaazzyyy. Completely. It felt like a whole month crammed into one week. So much happened, I honestly don’t even know how it all fit. So, this week my dear friend and I took a few days and ran away to Annapolis. It was the perfect retreat, with a few fun adventures and lots of downtime and time with Jesus. Thankful for her and her friendship, and what a blessing she is to me!

2. Creation. T and I went Kayaking yesterday, and it was lovely sitting in the middle of a creek, just admiring God’s amazing creation, enjoying the beauty and quiet nature had to offer.

3. Ice Cream. Oh man, Annapolis wins for best homemade ice cream I have had in a very long time. T and I had it for lunch one day and a snack another day. So delicious, we wondered why anyone in that town would get ice cream from anywhere else. We didn’t, that is fo sho.

4. God’s Sovereignty. Even when things go awry of how I thought they were going to go, Jesus still knows exactly what the plan is, and He is carrying it out. Hallelujah. This week I had the chance to trust Him in the midst of some interesting turns of events, and I look forward to seeing how He works it all out in the end.

5. Alarm clocks. Reality is setting back in, and tomorrow morning begins my shift back to waking up at the crack of dawn. Welcome to my new normal. ­čÖé

Moving Week

Moving week is always an adventure. The only place left to sit down in my entire apartment is my bed. And tomorrow morning, that will be taken apart as well, and we will be down to the floor. Good thing the moving van comes on Thursday. Almost everything is packed away in a box, with its clear label of where it is heading. More items keep appearing that need to go to Goodwill – trip #4 will happen tomorrow! I forgot to take my microwave on trip #3 today, necessitating the beginnings of a 4th trip pile. So far we have primed the office, living room, dining room and kitchen, saving only my bedroom for tomorrow. Every hole has been spackled, cabinets have been emptied, closets almost there. The final things left to pack are a mirror, and a couple pieces of artwork, which is good, since my only remaining boxes are mirror boxes. Anything left over is going to Goodwill, Gaby or the trash can outside.

Emptying out the fridge is always the trickiest part of moving. Meals end up being an interesting array of whatever is left, and then there are always those stragglers that you just don’t really know what to do with. Like blueberry ice cream topping, or a giant bottle of ketchup. It’s not like I am going to eat 20 hotdogs for dinner. I don’t even have buns! Or hot dogs, for that matter.

Thankful Thursday: April 18th

It has been a crazy, exhausting, awesome week, and as I look back I am thankful for these 5 things:

1. Finishing up another conference season…today marks the end of our last conference until August! I am thankful for my team, for the way we have worked well together this year, and for being able to serve ‘behind the scenes’ making conferences and events run smoothly for our region. It’s been a great experience! I am looking forward to turning my attention fully towards Berlin Summer Project now, and finalizing all the many details that need to happen in just a few weeks.










2. For the new Franklin baby that will be joining our family this November!!! Let me just tell you, this is going to be one well-loved child. I am SO excited about being an aunt (you can call me Auntie Em) and getting to love on and spoil my niece/nephew!! The sonogram photo is the front screen on my phone, and it makes me smile every time I see it. Can’t wait to meet this baby!!!

3. Hearing our AIA students speak the gospel with boldness and clarity. I love hearing what God is doing and has done in the lives of the athletes at Butler, and getting to be a small part of their journey! We heard from our three graduating Seniors tonight, and they did a fabulous job giving encouragement, casting vision and challenging the younger students to stay strong and finish well. I am going to miss Erika, Ross and Mallory a lot!

4. Pumpkin cinnamon rolls with carmel frosting. How can something be so delicious?

5. My patio/garden area/flowers! I planted a new batch of wildflowers today in front of my A/C unit, and am praying they grow as well as they did last year. We shall see. I didn’t have my handy-dandy dad here this time to help, but I did call him for assistance. The rest of my garden is to the point where it doesn’t need much help, for which I am thankful. I can’t do high-maintenance plants. They will all end up dead.

Back from Africa!

My plane landed back in Indy on Saturday night, and since then I have spent a lot of time sleeping and in the restroom, as my stomach decided it didn’t like something I gave it at some point during the latter part of the week.┬áMy bed has remained unmade for two days. I left my apartment one time to go to the grocery store, which coincided with the only time I have put on real clothes.

This afternoon, though, I began to feel back to normal a bit. I unpacked, did a load of laundry, cooked dinner, cleaned out my work inbox in preparation for going back tomorrow, and tidied up my apartment.

There is much I am still processing through from my week in Benin, and I will be writing several posts in the coming days/weeks. We had a slight miscommunication during the trip, and all of my photos are currently on the laptop still in Benin with the rest of the team, so I will probably wait for those to begin my reflections.

But know this, we serve an awesome God who does amazing things in the lives of people, and it was a blessing to be a small part of seeing over 50 men and women put their trust in Jesus during the past 8 days!! So many great stories that I look forward to sharing with you!

P.S. for dinner tonight, I made white cheddar mac n’ cheese. The box said that you can substitute yogurt for the milk, and since I had the former and not the latter I decided to try it…let me just say, it doesn’t work with Greek Yogurt. The result was thick, yogurt tasting macaroni, with no hint of white cheddar. Sadness. Good to know for next time though!



Thankful Thursday: January 12th

Thankful today for…

1. Berlin, and all that God is doing in that city. Thankful that I get to be a very small part of it, especially in going back this summer for 6 weeks. Check out our summer project page here!

2. God being Jehovah-Jireh, my provider. A few weeks ago one of my ministry partners raised their monthly support by $25. Then yesterday I went in to re-sign my lease to stay in my apartment for another year, and they are raising my rent….by $25/month. And yet I doubt His provision? He knows what I need even before I do. Humbled.

3.  Time to see ministry partners! I am headed back to the south for the next 3-ish weeks, and I am so looking forward to sharing updates on the ministry and seeing so many people on my team. I am also praying for 10-20 new ministry partners to join my team!

4.  My passport that allows me to see so much of this grand globe. Off to apply for a new one today as mine expires soon!

5. Sushi. Soooo good. I’m really glad that sushi made its way across the pacific.