Embracing Winter

Extreme cold and I are not the best of friends. We are not the worst of friends either, but with negative wind chills, snow that stays for days, and limited sunshine, I am reminded of why I call this season “neverwarm”. In this weather being outside for more than a few minutes causes my glass eye to become an ice cube, making it impossible to blink. I’m not tall enough to reach the top of my car to clear off all of the snow, thus becoming one of the very people who drive me crazy on the roads with snow flying everywhere. And even with multiple layers, my hands and feet are always cold. Always.

Suffice to say, Winter is not, and never has been, my favorite season. Some would claim that the above statements give me good reason for that. With gritted teeth I found myself this past week growing increasingly perturbed at the lingering arctic vortex that swept through the region and then decided to stick around, telling myself to just get through the days until Spring finally arrives.

Then, I was reminded of two things. One, 1 Thessalonians 5:18 says “in everything give thanks; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.” Everything, Lord? Even this ridiculous weather? Yep. Two, winter has a purpose. Without the cold, and the snow, and the darkness, we would not have such beautiful Springs, or the ability to appreciate the vibrant colors, warm temperatures, and sunshine. So this week I have been asking the Lord to help me see the beauty in winter, and to learn to embrace this season, even a little bit.

Here was part of His answer:

Sunset on the snow
Sunset on the snow
The sunset reflecting on the snow in the front yard
The sunset reflecting on the snow in the front yard











It is difficult to capture in a photo what you actually see, so as pretty as these pictures are, understand that the real life experience of standing on the sidewalk and looking at the sun glittering on the snow as it disappeared behind the surrounding houses was breathtaking. There is beauty in winter; we just have to choose to see it.

Where do you see beauty in winter?


State Fair Fun

A few weeks ago I met up with my family at the Virginia State Fair! We had so much fun, especially showing Logan all the animals. He wasn’t so sure about the horses and cows, but seemed slightly more comfortable with the goats. Here are some of the best shots from the day.


IMG_4837 IMG_4856 IMG_4868 IMG_4871 IMG_4879 IMG_4882 IMG_4887 IMG_4890 IMG_4898 IMG_4905 IMG_4909 IMG_4920

Happy Easter!

Christ the Lord is risen today! Alleluia!

I love celebrating the greatest day in history. Jesus defeated death, conquered sin, and rose from the grave to give us life! We cannot do anything on our own to earn salvation. Nothing. We can only choose to trust that Jesus did what we could not, place our faith in His sacrifice and substitution on our behalf, and walk in grace, forgiveness, and joy all the days of our life. Oh praise the One who paid my debt and raised this life up from the dead!

This Easter was spent in Richmond with the family, and we had a fun time together this weekend!

Happy Easter from my family to you!
Happy Easter from my family to you!



My backyard this morning
My backyard this morning

I think someone forgot to tell mother nature that we switched seasons from winter to spring. This was the scene in my backyard when I woke up this morning, and the snow is still falling! Makes me thankful that I am not flying out for Nepal until next Monday.

It is so easy at times like this to start griping. I admit, I am ready to not be cold for a whole day. I am ready for t-shirts, and skirts without leggings, and flip flops. I am excited for sunshine that is actually warm, and to be able to go outside without a coat, gloves, and a scarf. I am also ready for the weather to make up its mind. A couple weeks ago it was beautiful outside. We enjoyed several days of lovely sunshine, temps in the 60’s and no snow. Two months ago it was warmer than it is now. The other day our weatherman said on the radio that he wished winter would come back because it was better weather than spring!

I actually love winter, but I love it most when it comes in the right months. I don’t mind cold, but I love it in March when it starts to warm up and you feel renewed. When plants begin to sprout up from the ground, and life begins to turn from gray to green. I know there are places where that doesn’t happen until May on a regular basis. But I don’t live in one of those places. Well, I didn’t, until this year.

When I woke up this morning my first thought was “ugh, snow.” But then I stopped, and reminded myself that I have been hoping for one good snow this year. So what if it decided to come at the end of March instead of in January or February when it is “supposed” to snow? Today is a day to drink hot tea, read a good book, and catch up on things around the house that need to be done. It is a day to be thankful for the snow, and for a warm house from which to observe it. And maybe next time, I’ll remember to put a time limit on that snow request. 😉

It’s a small world!

This past weekend I was reunited with one of my ballet classmates from high school. We hadn’t seen each other in almost 10 years, since the day of our senior recital when we hugged each other goodbye and said ‘have a great life’! When we saw each other on Saturday, we screamed and hugged and laughed and talked about how amazing it was to see one another after so many years. And the best part was finding out that our dance teacher is still teaching, and there is an adult ballet class on Tuesday nights at my old studio! Amaaaazing!

I am kicking myself for not thinking about calling them 6 months ago when I got here to ask about that! But, I know now, and I get to dance again for the first time in several years, with a teacher I love and an dear former classmate! I went to the class last night, and loved how quickly and easily the whole routine came back to me. Even though it has been a long time since I have taken a class, ballet is wonderful in that you never leave the basics. The barre warm up routine is generally the same, whether you have danced once or a million times. The fun comes when you get on to the floor exercises and can learn harder and harder steps.

It was fun surprising Miss Connie when I arrived last night, and the class was delightful. It is fun dancing with the other ladies as well, many of whom are new to ballet! I am looking forward to the next few months with them before moving overseas!

Me with Miss Connie and Nicole! So delightful dancing with them again!
Me with Miss Connie and Nicole! So delightful dancing with them again! The picture was taken after the class and with my iphone, so I apologize for the poor quality!