Road Trip: The End.

Well, my time in the south is coming to a close, and tonight is my last night in Beaufort. Tomorrow morning I will be at CBC Savannah, enjoying all three services and hopefully getting to meet a ton of new people! After that I’m headed to Knoxville and then on back to Indy on Monday. The best part about these days in the south isn’t the great weather or good memories or beautiful places, although those were definitely highlights! No, the best part is the time spent deepening friendships, sharpening one another and catching up on life. The phone suffices when distance comes between friends, but it cannot capture or replace what happens when sitting face to face over a cup of coffee, sharing your heart and life with another person. So grateful for this time, and these faces that make up the fabric of this mosaic that God has given as my life.

The Chocolate of my favorite spots in the world! My first grade teacher works here now and sometimes I get to see her. It's not a real visit to Beaufort without a stop at the chocolate tree.













One of my dream homes in Beaufort. It's for sale....











Beaufort Downtown Waterfront - with the bridge open!















Ran into Alex and Irina at Common Ground coffee shop! What a delightful surprise and so great to catch up with them! Love them!!












Beautiful Huspa Plantation












Had the joy and privilege of spending half a day with the lovely Mrs Marlit! Such a delightful friend - I love any time I get to spend with her!













Hanging out downtown this afternoon with Chandra and her new puppy Charlie!











Road Trip: Catching Up

I’ve lost track of the days….not sure which one we are on anymore, so, oh well. This is my catch up post! After a few delightful days in Charleston, my college roommates and I got together for our annual reunion weekend out at Edisto Beach. Only 5 of us were able to make it (out of 8), and we had a fantastic time. The weather on Saturday was perfect for a lazy morning watching dolphins off the porch and then an afternoon walk on the beach. As always there was lots of talking, playing games, eating food and sleeping as little as possible to maximize our short time together. Love these women, and the deep friendship we share.

Now it’s a week in Beaufort with a few short trips down to Savannah, and then it will be time to head back up to Indiana. Cold, cold Indiana. I’ll embrace it once I get there, but for now, I am thoroughly enjoying these sunny 70’s days the Lord has given! 🙂

The view from our balcony











On the way to the beach!










Favorite. Album Cover, right there.











The beautiful, beloved beach

Road Trip: Day 7 & Thankful Thursday!

Day 7 ended up being quite the adventure. Including, but not limited to, getting some work done in the morning, an attempt to hang out with a friend, thwarted quickly by Winston cutting off in the middle of the street 4 times in a few short minutes, getting towed to West Ashley and finding out that once again it is going to cost an arm and a leg to get it fixed (awesomesauce….very thankful for my savings account right now), it not being ready until tomorrow, missing a second hangout with a friend, and then it all culminating in a lovely walk through Charleston to meet a friend for dinner.

Amy is that friend – she was my discipler my sophomore-senior year at the College, and a great friendship grew out of that. We have stayed in touch over the years, and each time I come to Charleston one of the greatest highlights is my time spent with her. She is a constant encouragement, source of wisdom and so, so fun! I love getting to hang out with her and just do life together. We always go to great local restaurants, and tonight we enjoyed Basil, my all-time fave Thai spot (in C-town, at least). So refreshing after a crazy day, and I am very thankful for her friendship!

Hanging out with Amy at dinner!

Just remembered that today is Thursday too! Much to be thankful for….

1. No accidents when Winston kept shutting down in the middle of Meeting Street today, and that I was able to get it to the side of the road without any problems. Also thankful for AAA. We’ll put them in this one.

2. The internet – makes my job sooo much easier, especially when traveling

3. This opportunity to connect with so many friends and ministry partners!

4. Friends having timeshare condos that we can use for free on Edisto Beach. 🙂 Yay Bull St. girls reunion this weekend!!!

5. The Valley of Vision book of Puritan Prayers. Such a rich addition to any time spent in the presence of Jesus!

Road Trip: Days 5&6

Back in the most beautiful place on earth, and enjoying not needing my coat for the week. Exploring downtown, finding the new amidst the old, wandering through the College of Charleston campus, eating at my favorite spots and even finding some new ones! It is impossible to capture Charleston in one photo, so here are 5 highlights from today’s meanderings…

Even in January there is green everywhere!!!














There is a neighborhood in Charleston called Harleston this sign!! Guess too many freshmen were saying it was misspelled. Haha












On campus....perfect shot as the sun was going down!















Beauty. Love the College of Charleston! All hail the beloved Alma Mater!












Sunset over my favorite water retention pond down by the Sergeant Jasper apartments. 🙂

Road Trip: Day 4

Today was my last day with my new dear friends David and Beverly. Their hospitality, kindness and generosity over the past three days has been a source of joy and refreshment to my soul. They have literally lived the gospel, and through them I experienced the presence of Jesus. Rarely have I felt so comfortable so quickly in someone else’s home – from the moment I walked in, I felt like family, even though I had never met Beverly and had only met David once before. What a great joy it has been to have these few days together, and I so appreciate their love and friendship. I am already looking forward to the next time I get to see them!

But, for now, Charleston is calling. Onward and upward tomorrow to the city that captured my heart so many years ago…

David and Beverly