Thankful Thursday: September 27th

To be honest, this week went by so fast, I don’t even know if there are 5 new things to list today! But I will do my best….

1. Websites. And more specifically, well done websites. I love being able to just hop online and find answers to my questions in a matter of moments, depending on how good the site is laid out.

2. Five minute chats. I’ve started doing these with my friends who live faraway from me on my 30-40 minute drive home from work each day (I refrain from making any calls at 7am when I am on my way to work…for which I am sure others are thankful). They are genius in their design, and I will be writing a fuller blog post about them soon. But the gist is low-key chats with friends more often for shorter amounts of time, rather than waiting and then having 1-2 hour marathons to catch up on life once a month or less frequently.

3. Flexibility. It really, truly is our friend, and life is so much more enjoyable when practicing the art of allowing life to change as it comes. Especially since it seems to change an awful lot lately.

4. Hope. I volunteered with the Convoy of Hope Alexandria this past weekend, and it was a blessing to serve those in my community who are in need alongside fellow believers. The Convoy is a 5 hour event where people can come and get free food, haircuts, family portraits, hear the gospel, enjoy a carnival and live music, and leave with a bag brimming with groceries. Beautiful day, lovely weather, and hope bestowed on the hopeless.

5. Provision. I know this one is a repeat quite often, but I am quite often thankful for the Lord’s great provision for my needs and so, so many of my desires. He loves to provide exactly what I need in His timing, often in ways I least expect. Thankful that He knows my needs and knows how He is going to meet them.


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