Countdown: 1 Day!

It’s here! August flew by so fast, and my time in Indianapolis has come to a close. By tomorrow night, I will be back in the DC area to stay (for a while, at least). It’s been a good run here in the midwest, but my east coast roots are calling. I am excited to be back in the land of natural hills and humidity, and also for the new adventure of nannying and then hopefully heading back overseas sometime in the not-too-distant future!

Whatever happens, I’ll be ready, with the help of Jesus.


In the words of my friend the emperor:

Huge waterfall? Yep. Sharp rocks at the bottom? Most likely.

Bring it on. (Can you name that movie?)


In the midst of my transitioning, packing, purging and getting ready to move, I have started paying attention to my “lasts” here in Indy. With only 7 days total left in the city I am trying to cram in a lot – seeing people one more time, visiting favorite restaurants and places, doing things on my bucket list (most of those are not getting done, however) and at the same time actually getting everything packed and ready to go. Some “lasts” I have been well aware of, and others have crept up on me. Well today, one of them lept up and smacked me right in the face.

On the way to church this morning I was thinking through my schedule the next few weeks, and came to the realization that with family vacation and then moving, today was my final Sunday at College Park Church. Strange, really, that I hadn’t made that realization earlier, but it made today’s service much more poignant and sweet.

I started attending CPC in August of 2010, in the midst of one of the most spiritually and emotionally difficult seasons of my life thus far. Over the past two years the Lord has used this community of Christ-followers to bring healing, hope, and His grace and love in abundance in my heart. There is much from this group that I am going to miss, including my small group and the fantastic preaching and worship. I have learned so much sitting under the teaching of Pastor Mark, and am thankful that modern technology will allow me to continue learning from him in the future as I leave Indianapolis.

Speaking of his teaching, we are currently doing an excellent series on the Mortification (or, Putting to Death) of Sin in our lives, and today’s sermon was one of the best I have heard on this subject in a long time. I encourage you to listen to it here. You can also read the transcript of it, which is another great option. It is both challenging and encouraging; convicting and hopeful. Enjoy. 

I’m Famous!

Well, not really.

But, Doug and I were asked to join WIBC 93.1FM Radio here in Indy tomorrow from 2-2:30 to record a session for a program called “Spotlight Indianapolis”! We will be sharing about Campus Crusade for Christ, Conferences and Events, as well as our ministry in the Great Lakes region and on campuses in Indiana. We were sent a list of potential questions to be ready to answer, so we are prepping today and tomorrow morning!

The only bummer is that the show is set to air on Sunday morning…at 5:30. Yep, 5:30AM. So, we will be famous to the three people awake and on the road, and desperate for something to keep them awake.

We need to be appropriately funny, to keep that 5:30 am crowd awake and engaged, but not act like we are trying to hard. Haha. J/K.

But really, maybe one of them has never heard about Jesus, and this will be their opportunity to hear the gospel! Hooray! So, for that one potential person, it is worth it.

Pray that we speak well, and represent the organization rightly, and have fun in the process!

Did you know?

In the midst of one of America’s biggest and craziest events of the year, the largest single sex-trafficking event is taking place. Every year the Super Bowl sadly brings along with it a dark side of pleasure for profit. As people are cheering for their team and enjoying the food, shows, music, games and activities, young girls and women are being bought and sold behind the scenes. It is heartbreaking, but here in Indy it is also being fought against. Can you be proud of your city? I don’t know, but I am proud of the way the people of Indy have stepped up to the plate on this one. The city lawmakers knew it was coming, and they have taken measures to prevent it. Other groups, as well, have joined the fight in ending this awful practice that goes on unnoticed by the general population every year.

I read this great article the other day that shares some of the ways that Indianapolis and groups of people are standing together to provide a way out for trapped women. As we enjoy the game and events this weekend, my heart has been burdened to pray for this whole situation to be shut down. Will you join me this weekend in praying for these women and those who are selling them? Pray that the light of Christ would shine forth, that the women and girls will be rescued and helped, that the men in control will be caught and stopped.

IndyCC Preview Weekend, Take 2

Here we go again!

[This post was started on Saturday….and not finished until now] Year 2 is off to a great start. We are here at the brand new JW Marriott in downtown Indianapolis, checking out the hotel and planning for our upcoming IndyCC. A group of staff and students from our campuses around the region have come together for a 2-day event of prepping, testing, planning and vision casting.

Let me just tell you. This hotel is sweet. Our room is on the 20th floor, facing the city. The beds are comfy, the elevators fast and quiet, the views incredible, the decor beautiful.

But that’s not really why we are here.

We are here to figure out the best way to proclaim Christ, lift up the students’ eyes to see Him clearly and provide an atmosphere where people will be drawn closer to Jesus during the 5 days of the conference.

Being here gets me is so excited for IndyCC this year. For the first time ever we will be under one roof!!! That’s right. For the past 15-ish years we have been split between 2 hotels, with our meetings in the adjoining convention center. This year we have moved to the biggest JW hotel in the world, right here in Indy!! With a ballroom that seats 4500 people, we have lots of room to grow in the coming years, and everyone will be staying in the same hotel. Pretty sweet deal.

We worked out the numbers while we were there, and figured out something pretty incredible. The 5-day conference costs $199, including the nights at the JW Marriott, a 5 star hotel. If you were to go to the same hotel, at the same time we will be there (12/27-1/1), with 4 people per room, it would cost a whopping $350 PER PERSON, just for the hotel!! That doesn’t even include the actual program cost for the conference!! So, it is amazing that the Lord has provided this place for us, and for a price that students (and staff too!) can afford! We are excited to see all He has planned for the students and staff who come to IndyCC this year!

Here are a couple photos from the weekend:

Conference Team Ladies!
The Conference Team and IndyCC Design Team in front of our new main ballroom!!