Thankful Thursday: January 24th

I woke up this morning to a beautiful, finally snow covered landscape! The temperatures have been hovering in the low 20’s all week, with no snow to show for it. Although cold, it has been a good week, and today I am thankful for…

1. Long weekends. I spent 4 days in Richmond with my brother and his family last weekend, which was just delightful. Logan is getting so big, and is constantly changing, as babies tend to do. It was a blessing to be able to go down for several days in a row and spend time with them!

2. Mason District Park. The park is snuggled right up next to where we live, and getting to it is similar to entering Narnia. You are just walking along in a typical subdivision, when you suddenly find yourself in an oasis of trees, walking paths and brooks. I love walking the long loop around the park, and yesterday decided to brave going outside, even in the 19 degree cold. It was quite lovely though, and I enjoyed the sunshine.

3. A snow-free car. Dad got up early and cleaned all the snow off my car before I left for work today, which was so thoughtful and encouraging, and helped me not be late for work. I am thankful for him and for a clean car!

4. Delayed mornings. Speaking of snow, it caused a 2 hour delay at the school where Little E’s dad works, which meant I didn’t have to be to work until 9, instead of the usual 7:30. I was extra thankful for the delay today, as it allowed me to get some extra sleep after a night of wakefulness.

5. Sunshine. I found out last week that my vitamin D levels are way lower than they should be, which has been the root cause of my exhaustion and weariness over the past few weeks. So, in addition to taking vitamins, I was also instructed by my doctor to get 15 minutes of direct sunlight a day to help boost my vitamin D naturally. Thankfully the weather has been cooperating, and I have been able to spend some time basking in the sun each day.

Morning snow on the back deck at Little E's house!
Morning snow on the back deck at Little E’s house!

Thankful Thursday: January 3rd

Welcome to a new year on the blog! I had a wonderful break from blogging over the holidays while the family was all in town, but I look forward to seeing what the days of 2013 will hold and sharing them with you on here as we continue the adventure. 2012 was a big year full of change and transition as I left my job, moved back to the east coast and welcomed my first nephew to the world! As the new year begins there is already much for which to be thankful…

1. A new year. I love the beginning of a new year; the sense of a fresh start and anticipation at what the Lord is going to do in my life in the coming twelve months.

2. Family and the holidays. There were 10 of us all together in my parent’s house for Christmas this year, including my grandparents from Arizona, and with the addition of Logan it was such a sweet and special celebration. And for the first time since 2003, I didn’t leave right after Christmas to go to a conference. It was different not being with 2,000+ college students on the 31st, but good at the same time.

3. Heated seats. My mom’s new car, or Land Yacht, as I call it, is fabulous, and I love that the back seats heat up just like the front. It’s the small things in life.

4. Lightroom Photo editing software. I got the newest version of Lightroom with some of my gift money from Christmas, and it is so fun learning how to use it. Like my camera, I still have a long way to go, but the amount of changes and improvements you can make to photos are wonderful.

5. Blog tutorials. As I am learning how to use my camera and the software, it is great to find so many helpful blog posts that share tricks and tips that it would have taken me forever to figure out on my own.


happy new year

Thankful Thursday: November 29th

Thankful, thankful, for…

1. Rotisserie chicken. So much tastiness in one little bird.

2. Unexpected half-days at work! Got to leave before 2:00 today, and the result was a very productive afternoon and a restful evening.

3. Mr A. He is such a precious little guy, and I have enjoyed the past two months being his nanny. Unfortunately the full-time schedule was not working out, so change was in the air. Although I was supposed to have him until the end of December, it works out better for him to leave after this week. So, Friday is my last day with him. Sad, but good at the same time, and I am thankful for the time I had with him.

4. Little E. At the same time, I am thankful that a part-time schedule works out with her, and I get to continue on as her nanny until I get closer to heading back overseas. It is so fun watching her grow up, and I love her parents too!

5. John Piper’s free Advent e-book devotional. I am really looking forward to reading it during the Advent season that begins on Sunday, and it is fun to have friends doing it as well! Want to join us? Here is the link!

Thankful Thursday: November 22nd (Happy Thanksgiving!)

I love Thanksgiving. You may notice that I love a lot of things. Welcome to my world. Anyway, Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays, right after Christmas, which is the best day of the year. 🙂 I also know, though, that today can be a challenge to make through with a smile on your face. There are days when it is a hard fight to be thankful in the midst of circumstances you wish were different.

The pastor at the church I visited on Sunday touched on this during his sermon, and I loved his perspective on thankfulness when life isn’t turning out how you pictured it. His specific example was singleness (always a timely message for my heart to hear), but it applies to a myriad of situations. He said that we can both acknowledge the heartache and at the same time proclaim Christ’s abundant sufficiency in our life.

What a beautiful picture that paints for a dark and broken world. Our heartaches hopefully remind us of our desperate need for Someone to be our rescuer, to give us hope that there is something greater, Someone worth living for who eclipses anything this life brings. If you’ve never met Jesus before, this perfect, magnificent, Someone who has come as our rescuer, today would be the best day in the world to start a relationship with Him. He longs for you to repent of your sin and allow Him to make you brand new from the inside out.

Last year my parents were in town for Thanksgiving, and we compiled a list of 100 things we were thankful for as a family. I was reading back through it yesterday, realizing that the vast majority of them are still what I am thankful for this year.

There are a few items to add to the list for today though.

1. Groupon/Living Social. So many great deals! Birthday and Christmas presents galore for oodles of family members!

2. Logan!

Logan, my precious nephew who has stolen my heart completely. Hard to believe he is two weeks old today! 













3. My mom!

Mom, who celebrated her birthday this week. And delicious, delightful fancy dinners!













4. Family fun. 🙂

A family who laughs a lot, and does awesome things like this to the newest member of the clan. Hahahaha. 














5. Christ, my sufficiency.


Happy Thanksgiving! I pray that today you are surrounded by family and friends, and are experiencing the matchless grace of Jesus.


















Thankful Thursday: November 15th

Another week come and gone, and another week with much for which to be thankful!

1. Scarves and turtlenecks. My own personal name for the winter season is “NeverWarm”, because as the name implies, I am cold pretty much all the time from now through March. My hands and feet have such a hard time staying warm due to poor circulation, and when those extremities are cold, the rest of me usually follows suit. So, I am thankful for lots of lovely scarves, turtlenecks, hats, mittens, gloves, and thick socks to help shield me from freezing to death.

2. “Morning and Evening” by Charles Spurgeon. Such a delightfully rich devotional.

3. Exodus 14:14 “I [The Lord] will fight for you; you need only be still”

4. For breakthroughs and new ideas as I pursue going back overseas. The last few weeks have felt like I was stalled out, not going anywhere, just waiting for direction. This week though the Lord has opened several doors that have me super excited. More details coming soon.

5. Quiet moments and Christmas Music. Today is one of those days with the babies where one stops crying and fussing and the other one starts. Right now though, they are both sitting quietly in the living room playing, looking out the big windows and practicing their crawling (Mr A) and sitting/standing (Little E) skills. We are also enjoying some soft Christmas music to help get us into the season. 🙂