My backyard this morning
My backyard this morning

I think someone forgot to tell mother nature that we switched seasons from winter to spring. This was the scene in my backyard when I woke up this morning, and the snow is still falling! Makes me thankful that I am not flying out for Nepal until next Monday.

It is so easy at times like this to start griping. I admit, I am ready to not be cold for a whole day. I am ready for t-shirts, and skirts without leggings, and flip flops. I am excited for sunshine that is actually warm, and to be able to go outside without a coat, gloves, and a scarf. I am also ready for the weather to make up its mind. A couple weeks ago it was beautiful outside. We enjoyed several days of lovely sunshine, temps in the 60’s and no snow. Two months ago it was warmer than it is now. The other day our weatherman said on the radio that he wished winter would come back because it was better weather than spring!

I actually love winter, but I love it most when it comes in the right months. I don’t mind cold, but I love it in March when it starts to warm up and you feel renewed. When plants begin to sprout up from the ground, and life begins to turn from gray to green. I know there are places where that doesn’t happen until May on a regular basis. But I don’t live in one of those places. Well, I didn’t, until this year.

When I woke up this morning my first thought was “ugh, snow.” But then I stopped, and reminded myself that I have been hoping for one good snow this year. So what if it decided to come at the end of March instead of in January or February when it is “supposed” to snow? Today is a day to drink hot tea, read a good book, and catch up on things around the house that need to be done. It is a day to be thankful for the snow, and for a warm house from which to observe it. And maybe next time, I’ll remember to put a time limit on that snow request. 😉

AWLE: An Update

The speed at which babies grow and change just fascinates me. You get one routine down, and then they are ready for the next big thing. Little E and Mr A are starting to get to a more fun stage now – crawling!! One month ago, Mr A could barely sit up on his own, and Little E wouldn’t stay on her tummy for more than a nano-second (I’m not even joking – she would start to flip over to her back as you were laying her down). But now, as November dawns and they are finishing up month number 7 of their first year in this crazy world, Mr A is scooting forward and beginning to get up on his knees and rock back and forth. And Little E rolls to her tummy on her own and is beginning to grasp the idea of moving somewhere.

It makes me laugh, sometimes, at how very different these two babies are. 5 days apart in age, and yet different in most everything. With Little E, I can put her down on the floor and know that she will be right where I left her when I walk back in the room. Mr A, however, could be rolled to the other side of the blanket half-way under the couch. Same with sleeping. Little E barely moves – even her hands stay right next to her head. Mr A? I lay him down in the crib, and when he wakes up he is flipped to the other end, turned over with his face pressed into the side hollering at me. Mr A has a walker, and he loves to zoom around the kitchen while I am getting their bottles ready, or cleaning, or just playing with them. Little E’s feet barely reach the floor, and she can only go backwards.

They are similar in some ways, though. Both of them love to sing, and eat, and talk, and be outside. They are both content babies who enjoy playing and are good at entertaining themselves. The love being in their stroller, and riding in the car. Within the past week they have started to become more interactive with each other, talking, playing, laughing and crying together quite often. They are starting to become aware of the world around them, and are beginning to respond when talked to or told something.

Even though it will be more tiring, in some ways, when they become fully mobile, I am looking forward to it at the same time. This is such a fun age and time in their lives, when everything is new and little things are big adventures, and I am enjoying being a part of it as we spend our days together!

Surviving Sandy

On Saturday there was absolutely zero hint that a massive storm was heading our direction, but by Sunday evening it was perfectly clear we were in for a treat. Virginia didn’t get hit as hard as some of our friend states to the north, but with tree limbs down and still no power after losing it at 6:25pm yesterday, I am thankful they went ahead and shut the government and schools down in this area yesterday and today. As I am recovering from a bugger of a cold, it has been nice to have a few extra days to lay low.

Losing power in the house always makes me feel like Laura Ingalls Wilder. Candles everywhere, cooking on the stove and eating by candlelight, taking a candle upstairs with you to bed, blowing it out right before you go to sleep, needing three blankets because there is no heat in the house, it all just feels so rustic and pioneer-ish. Yet even with a lit candle in my hand, I still keep trying to turn on the light switch. Ah, the banes of modern technology that we never seem able to part with (as I watch my computer battery slowly fading away…).

Oh well, it is the perfect day to sit in front of a roaring fire with a book and a warm cup of tea or hot chocolate, snuggled into a blanket. Thankful to be inside and safe, and praying for those who had a much harsher experience with Sandy.


Thankful Thursday: October 4th

This weekly post has been such a stretching experience. Thankfulness sometimes takes work. Have you noticed that? It can be so easy to just breeze through life without stopping to think about being thankful. 5 things should be easy, but some days it is not. Thankfully though, this week it wasn’t too hard at all.

1. My grandpa! Today is his birthday, and it was so delightful to talk to him this evening on my drive home from work. I love him so much, and consider him one of my greatest heroes and role models. He is the most wonderful patriarch of our family!

2. My mom. Continuing in the family vein…one of the benefits of being back at home is that when I don’t feel good mom is right there to help, even in the middle of the night. Thankful for her caring spirit and also for her amazing Greek Salad, which I enjoyed for lunch today. 🙂

3. Gas Mart. Corner gas station right by my house. Everywhere else in this area gas is $3.85+ a gallon, but today at Gas Mart, it was only $3.65! Woot.

4. The new double stroller. Last week we went to Babies R Us and got a brand new double stroller for me to cart Little E and Mr A around in, and I love it. Easy to push, not too heavy, the babies love it and we can go on adventures all over town!

5. Heating pad. Ooohhh how I love my heating pad. Such a lifesaver. Really.

Thankful Thursday: September 13th

Another 5 things to be thankful for on this beautiful Thursday evening!

1. My new job. Finished up week one nannying Little E today! I’m still getting used to the 10 hour days and 6:00am starts to my mornings, but the two of us are settling into a nice routine that is going to work out just great.

2. Malls. Little E and I went to the mall today to celebrate my first week and enjoy our first out-of-the-house adventure together! She did so good, and we had a delightful time walking around, looking at all the people and pretty things in the comfort of the air conditioning.

3. The Voice! And more specifically, a fun friend to watch it with. 🙂 We no longer can watch it in the same room, so we are experimenting skyping each other while we watch it. So far, so good. Bring on season 3!

4. House shoes. My toes have been chilly lately, and I am thankful for some warm and homey house shoes.

5. My mom’s cooking. Mmmmm one of my favorite parts of living at home again. Everything I learned about how to cook came straight from her, and it is always nice to go back to the source.