Thankful Thursday: August 25th

4 things I am thankful for today:

1. God’s glory on display. We had a magnificent and extreme storm blow through last night. My bedroom looked like a dance club with a massive strobe light. The lightening was flashing literally every 2-3 seconds and took my breath away (though thankfully not permanently). Whenever storms like that happen I just imagine God up on His throne with a conductors wand waving gracefully through the air as He tells the winds, thunder and lightening where to go to best display His glory to His creations below.

2. The cup warmer sitting on my desk at work. Made a cup of tea this morning around 10, and it’s still piping hot 4.5 hours later. It’s the little things in life. 🙂

3. Friends who sew! My friend Kristin is graciously hemming two skirts for me that have been needing a little trim for years, and then she is also going to make me a new fun bag! I’ll post some pictures when it is done.

4. Building community. Our office picnic is tonight, and I love whenever we gather together as a whole office, including families. It is so fun to connect with the wives of the men I work with and get to know their kids. It’s such a great way to start off the year building community with one another. I’m finding that Cru is much like the military in that there are almost constant transitions. People come and go in the office at such a rate that the dynamics and faces change on a yearly basis. Although recently it seems like we are adding more faces than are leaving (a good thing), but the downside is we are quickly outgrowing our office space!

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