It takes all kinds….

Apartments, I am finding, are inhabited by some of the most interesting of God’s creations. The other night I went for a walk around the lakes in my complex, and as it was twilight, many people had their blinds open on their back sliding doors. I began to take note of what “home” means to some of my neighbors, and here is what I found.

Home means:

1) Entertainment central. A 62″ flat screen TV on the wall, and they are sitting on metal folding chairs playing video games, with not another stick of furniture in the room. Saw at least three of those, not even joking. This one just baffles me. Let’s just say in my opinion nothing in the entertainment industry is worth having to sit on metal folding chairs.

2) Pretending you live in the country. Every inch of the patio is covered in plants, as though trying to cover up the fact that you are surrounded by people on three sides and in front and behind you, and bring nature to you. Most of these families, I’ve noticed, had a similar motif going on the inside.

3) Low-maintenance. These are the opposite of the afore-mentioned types. So that you don’t have to keep up with your plants, you plant fake flowers in the ground. Hey, at least you still have pretty daffodils in the winter when everyone else’s yard is covered in snow. Maybe a chair or two, but that’s about it.

4) Something other than the apartment they are living in. Stuff in disarray all over the place, weeds covering the patio, barren, nothing resembling life or beauty.

5) Stuff. Living rooms packed from wall to wall, no sense of order or decoration, patio stuffed to overflowing with too-large-for-the-patio yard furniture, gnomes and other yard ornaments, umbrellas with beer advertisements, boxes, multiple grills, etc. Some of these make me wonder if they lived in a house and had to downsize for a time, and didn’t want to get rid of their furniture or pay to store it, so they just shoved it in to their new place.

6) An animal. For many of my neighbors that means an 800 square foot dog in a 600 square foot apartment…know what I mean? Large, hairy, long-tongued dogs that look like they need place to run around, stuffed into little apartments. Other people, though, have several cats, or reasonable sized apartment dogs. This is a common one that I’ve found – it seems like a lot of people include pets in their idea of “home”. I’m part of this crowd sometimes – I love fish, because they’re easy. And I’m also contemplating getting a cat. Or two. But I don’t want to become the Cat Lady.

7) Martha Stewart-esque. Paint on the walls, pillows on the sofa, pictures everywhere, flowers on the table, knick knacks, specific entertaining areas, matching towels and placemats, Ikea/pottery barn (I wish!)/Pier One/Home Goods accessories. I definitely fit in this category, and I’m ok with that. 😉

What are some interesting ways “home” is lived out that  you have come across??

One thought on “It takes all kinds….

  1. I definitely fit into cateogry 7, too, Em! I haven’t visited your blog for a while, it’s great to catch up on all your adventures!!

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