Thankful Thursday: August 16th

Another week with much to be thankful for! Here’s this weeks top 5:

1. Ministry Partners. I am humbled and amazed at the faithful encouragement, prayer, generosity and love that comes from the group of people I get to do ministry with! So thankful for each one, and the beautiful joy they are in my life!

2. Co-workers. Love the people in the regional office. It has been a privilege and a blessing to work together with them the past 2.5 years! They are so fun, genuine, lovable, fantastic and gracious. If you are called to work at an office, I suggest working at this one. It’s pretty great, and I am going to miss all of these people a lot.

Great Lakes Regional Office co-workers! Love all of you!











3. Practical Jokes. I pulled one off today on Greg, one of the guys at my office. It went better than I could have dreamed. Perfect way to end my last day working here. All I will say is that it involved all of my old prosthetic eyes, a jewelry box, and a note to let him know I would be keeping my “eye” on him after I leave. Epic. #winning!

4. Wendy’s. My fridge is getting woefully empty (which is good), and I was so tired tonight after packing and spackling and working. Thankful for close, delicious, not-good-for-you food. And time with Jenni. Love.

5. Family Vacation!! Heading home tomorrow and then down to Charleston for the week. So. Excited. Favorite city in the US, here I come! And time with the family for a whole week is a pretty sweet deal on top of that. Fantastic!

Two Awesome Pictures

1. Each year the Ops team creates an ad for our winter conference program that parodies the office. See this year’s winning photo here. I am really excited to see the final result in a few weeks!! Ben was such a good sport at being tied up and tortured. Best boss ever!

2. At the ReJuvenate Marketplace Conference out in San Jose’, California a few weeks ago, the closing concert band was Jars of Clay. They have been my favorite band since I was 9 – I love their music and their down to earth genuine-ness. I have yet to find songs by any other group that match the depth and beauty of theirs, which is just fine by me. Well, while there I got to meet them and get a picture with them. Oh. My. Goodness. I was so happy! Loved meeting them in person, and then that night got front row seats to the concert! Joy abounds.

Picture taken by Chris, the conference photographer!

Thankful Thursday: August 25th

4 things I am thankful for today:

1. God’s glory on display. We had a magnificent and extreme storm blow through last night. My bedroom looked like a dance club with a massive strobe light. The lightening was flashing literally every 2-3 seconds and took my breath away (though thankfully not permanently). Whenever storms like that happen I just imagine God up on His throne with a conductors wand waving gracefully through the air as He tells the winds, thunder and lightening where to go to best display His glory to His creations below.

2. The cup warmer sitting on my desk at work. Made a cup of tea this morning around 10, and it’s still piping hot 4.5 hours later. It’s the little things in life. 🙂

3. Friends who sew! My friend Kristin is graciously hemming two skirts for me that have been needing a little trim for years, and then she is also going to make me a new fun bag! I’ll post some pictures when it is done.

4. Building community. Our office picnic is tonight, and I love whenever we gather together as a whole office, including families. It is so fun to connect with the wives of the men I work with and get to know their kids. It’s such a great way to start off the year building community with one another. I’m finding that Cru is much like the military in that there are almost constant transitions. People come and go in the office at such a rate that the dynamics and faces change on a yearly basis. Although recently it seems like we are adding more faces than are leaving (a good thing), but the downside is we are quickly outgrowing our office space!

Back to the grindstone (but at least it’s a fun one)

Week 1 back at work is already almost over. It is quite interesting to me how quickly you can go from days of leisure and relaxation to full-throttle, schedule-packed days that leave little breathing room but lots of great memories to make up for the lack of breathing.

Anyone else ever experience this?

Anyway, the new year in the office kicked off on Monday, and it has been a great one so far. We welcomed the newbies – intern Emily on the conference team, Amanda the awesome graphics designer (also my Berlin teammate and dear friend), and intern Sara on the Sending team – and also lots of old familiar faces. There are some other new office-mates, but I don’t know them as well as I know these ladies. Is that bad? Hope not.

So far this week I have:

– Taste tested and approved our new BBQ place for the welcome back picnic next Thursday

– Cleaned/re-vamped my desk area (still in process. the candy bowl is still empty – hopefully tomorrow i can go get some new stuff for the bowl so that friends will start stopping by again to say hello and get a quick sugar fix)

– Noticed the increase in my work inbox from 2-3 emails a day to 10-15, steadily growing as the week progresses

– Shopped for new toys for childcare (hallelujah!! we can now dispose of the mis-matched, broken, well-loved toys that have been in use for over a decade or so)

– Helped Emily (the intern…I’m not speaking in third person now) settle in to the office/her desk/our job, giving her a taste of what is to come yesterday when we went around town asking for donations for door prizes for our picnic. I can’t give it away because it is a secret, but our grand prize is a.w.e.s.o.m.e. The other prizes aren’t bad either.

– Walked around the building three times. Hopefully the weather will stay as lovely as it has been this week so we can continue our mid-day walks for a couple months.

In all seriousness though, I am really looking forward to this year. I have a solid year and a half of office experience and am loving knowing what is coming and what my role looks like. I love that we start semi-slow and ramp up to our crazy busy season starting in a few weeks.

During our prayer time this morning, we were asked to answer two questions that I loved and got me thinking:

1) In what ways did the Lord meet you/provide for you this past summer?

2) What are you trusting Him for this coming year?

How would you answer those questions?