Thankful Thursday: August 2nd

Seriously, it’s August already? Last time I checked, it was the beginning of June and this summer was just getting started. I’m tired at the moment and am having a hard time being thankful. But, by faith, here are things I am thankful for from this week:

1. New music. So refreshing to find good, new artists and songs to liven up the collection. My friend told me about Sovereign Grace music, and I like them. A lot.

2. Good deals! In this day and age, it is hard to find a nice place to stay that doesn’t kill your budget completely, and I am thankful for Tomi and I finding a great place for a good price for our girls’ getaway coming up in a few weeks.

3. $5 Matinees! Speaking of good deals, one thing I love about Indianapolis is how cheap it is! Love the Tues-Thurs $5 matinee movies. I went to see the Pixar movie Brave yesterday with a friend, and enjoyed it. I am constantly amazed at the quality and detail of Pixar movies, and love that I can enjoy a movie without worrying about what kind of sketchiness I am going to encounter.

4. Reality checks. I got one of those earlier this week, and I am thankful that the Lord puts people in my life who gently and lovingly bring me back to reality and help me see that the world is not, in fact, ending.

5. Mornings. Thankful that each day is only 24 hours, that each morning brings a fresh start, and a new set of hours to know Jesus and make Him known in the world. Thankful for being rejuvenated and refreshed in the night, and for waking up ready to face a new day!


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