Thankful Thursday: July 26th

Already been home almost a week from summer project! So amazing to me how fast time flies when you want it to go slowly, and how slow it goes when you want it to speed up. 🙂 Here are 5 things I am thankful for on this beautiful, hot, sunny Thursday in Indianapolis:

1. My chiropractor. I said that was one of the things I was most looking forward to when I got back from Berlin, and that was definitely true. Going again this morning for another tune-up!

2. Protection. There was a fire in my apartment complex the night before I got home, on the other side of the lake where I live. 2 townhouses were destroyed, and 3 others severely damaged by the blaze. I am thankful that no one was hurt, and that the Lord saw fit to spare my place.

Homes destroyed by the fires













3. Gaby. My neighbor is amazing, and I am not just saying that. For 6 weeks while I was away she checked my mail, watered my plants twice a day, took care of getting my car fixed when it overheated, kept me updated on things here at home, and came and picked me up from the airport. She is a huge blessing, and I am so thankful that the Lord moved her next door last year! She is a dear friend who I love very much!

4. Flowers! Since Gaby took such great care of my garden, we now get to enjoy the resulting beautiful Zinnias again this summer like we did last year! Gorgeous!!

First batch of Zinnias this summer!













5. Free Tea day at McAlister’s Deli. They make the best brewed tea I have had in the Mid-West, and today is free tea day!! So, Lauren and I are taking advantage of that and having dinner there and enjoying some delicious tea! Thankful for free stuff, for Lauren’s friendship, for good food and for sweet tea!

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