Pi(e) Day

Happy National Pi Day (3.14) (in case you didn’t know)!!!

In honor of this auspicious occasion, our office is celebrating at 1:59 (get it? 3.14…159? yes clever, i know) with our sometimes annual Pi(e) Day – a lovely smattering of homemade pi(e)s and maybe even a few songs about Pi. We have official judges/taste testers for the pi(e)s, and I am excited to see what the participants bring to share. Here are a few pictures from my pi(e) making adventure yesterday:

My kitchen may be a mess, but the pies sure are smelling great!!










Blackberry pie....almost ready










Blackberry pie.....finished and ready for tasting!











One thought on “Pi(e) Day

  1. So….where are the pictures of the world-famous chocolate cream Pi(e) about which we heard so much, hmmm???? I mean, ya know, blackberry is tasty and all, but chocolate….that’s the best!!

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