I got this idea from my friend Amy, who you will be hearing more about soon. But first, my numbers for today:

2: days until Ulrike arrives for her visit!! YAY!

6: days until I get my new iPhone

37: weeks until I get to hug my brother

3: times it has been warm enough to exercise outside since November (man, sometimes I miss the south SO much)

5: blessedly headache free days out of the last 14 since starting my new meds

66: ministry update letters just stuffed, sealed and ready to be mailed tomorrow to my fabulous ministry partners

10: days until I start my One Dress Campaign (come back soon for what that’s all about!)

11: years I have been praying for my future husband

4: pieces of dark chocolate eaten today before remembering my plan to cut processed sugar out of my regular diet (oops)

10:55 – current time on the clock, telling me it is past my bedtime!

What are your numbers for today/this week?

Goodnight friends!

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