What’s Next?

Hi Friends! For those of you who have been waiting for an update from my doctor’s visit, I do apologize for the lateness in posting an update on here. There is good news as well as frustrating news, but thankfully no bad news to report.

Good News #1: MRI was clean as a whistle, nothing bad to report there.

Frustrating news #1: Still don’t know why I’m having the headaches or where the source is, which is what I was hoping/praying the MRI would reveal.

Good News #2: My Neurologist is confident that the tension headaches are not being caused by my small eye.

Frustrating news #2: Back to square two on whether or not to have the surgery (square 1, in case you are wondering, was determining the pressure in my blind eye and the cause of at least some of the headaches)

Good News #3: The neurologist gave me some new meds to try that weren’t as harsh as the ones I was on before (why we didn’t try this one first….I’ll probably never know), and so far they seem to be working!!! Tuesday and Wednesday were my first headache free days in somewhere around 8 months!! Thank you Jesus! The headaches came back yesterday and today for a little bit, but definitely not as bad, and the doctor said it could take up to 3 weeks for me to begin to feel the full effects.

Frustrating news #3: The new medicine, called Amitriptyline, makes me super tired, and sleep a lot. Like, going to bed around 10pm and not being able to wake up until 7:30 or 8…which is waaaaay more sleep than I am used to, and I wake up super tired. I hate having to drag myself out of bed – definitely not used to that.

I don’t want medicine to be the long-term answer to this issue. I am not a fan of being on meds unless I absolutely have to, and in my mind headaches should not be a cause for that situation. My prayer is still to find out why I am having them in the first place, not just cover them up with pain-killers.

Also, I am going back to see my ophthalmologist on Monday, and will decide with him whether or not to move forward with the surgery in May like I had been planning. There are many factors affecting this decision, but at this point I am about 90% sure I will go ahead and remove the eye. Thanks again for your prayers!

much love,


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