Thankful Thursday: July 5th

Week 3 in Berlin and thankful for these 5 things…

1. Our hostel. Thankful for mattresses (even though they are thin), and pillows (even when they are the size of a candy bar), and breakfast that is the same every morning, but with enough variety to change things up at times. Thankful for the delightful staff, and their willingness to accommodate our needs whenever they can. Also, for the groups, that keep things interesting. All the time.

2. Discipleship! Love getting to pour into two women on this project, learning from them and also teaching them. Seeing someone grow in their walk with the Lord is one of the best parts of my job.

3. Our team! They are so awesome!

Our team at the top of Teufelsberg, or Devil’s Mountain, in the Grunewald, with the panorama of Berlin behind us!











4. Berlin, also tied to the picture above. We had a great view of the city from this mountain once the clouds cleared, and it was so beautiful to look all the way across the panorama. Love this city, and love what God is doing here. God is moving mightily in this city, and it is awesome to be a small part of it! Thankful for another 10 days here before heading home.

5. Sunshine after clouds! Sunday afternoon started out gray and dreary, but by the end of our Great Adventure we had the sky in the picture above!

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