Thankful Thursday: July 12th

Last few days in Berlin, and thankful today for….

1. Nutella on German bread (brötchen)! Just cannot beat it. Soooo delicious. I’m pretty sure we’re going to have both of those items in heaven.

2. Getting to hang out with Richard, Katie and Andy on the Admiral’s Brücke. So fun remembering old times and talking about where the Lord has brought us all up to this point!

Hanging out on the Admiral’s Brücke! A Little blurry, but still great! 











3. History, and being able to remember what has happened. We took a trip to the Sachsenhausen Concentration Camp memorial yesterday and did an audio tour. I haven’t yet processed through everything to put it into words, but I am thankful we took the time to go, and for our group to experience that piece of German history and be able to see where the country has come since then.

4. New friends! Even though our time here has been short, I was able to have two follow-up lunches with some dear ladies. We have had delightful conversations about what we believe and our world views, and I hope we stay in touch for a long time.

5. Medicine. A cold/flu/bug/plague has gone through our team the past couple weeks, and a lot of us are running on low energy. Thankful for cough drops, nyquill, dayquill, tylenol, and hot tea. Also thankful that everyone seems to be on the mend, so we can finish strong these last few days in the city!

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