Thankful Thursday: March 15th

My 5 Thursday Things…

1. Recovery days after my trip to Africa. Thankful today that I had two days to sleep, reflect, and re-adjust after a whirlwind week in Benin!

2. Flip flops. The weather here is completely ridiculous(ly awesome). 70’s and sunny every day. Yes, please. I’ll take spring a month early. Better get on with planting my garden so things will grow! Planning on lots of wild flowers this year, since those are easy and they worked so great last year.

3. New glasses. I am enjoying the transition to all-the-time glasses more than I thought I would. It’s nice that they are cute, and that my prescription sunglasses have gold sparkles on the inside. 🙂

4. Finding humor in stressful situations. On Friday as we were leaving Benin to head home, Brye, Brenda, Katie and I almost missed our flight – really. It’s a long, hilarious story that I will write a full post about, as it fully deserves one. But, in the midst of figuring out if we were going to have to re-book our flight, and the passport guy telling us he was tired and wanted to go home, and going through some measure of security 5 times between check-in and sitting in our seats, we just laughed. A lot.

5. Fellow thankful thursday-ers. Two of my friends have started a Thankful Thursday post on their blogs as well! It is fun to see the different things the Lord puts in our lives for which we are all thankful!


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