By the Numbers….

I haven’t done one of these in a while, and I have lots of numbers to share!

1: day until my friend Meredith from Australia arrives in Indy for her visit!!

5: months left of Matt’s jail sentence as of Tuesday the 5th

$3.28 : the price of a gallon of gas on Monday

$3.49 : the price of a gallon of gas yesterday….can you say “price gouging” anyone??

6: days until Shanda and I leave for Colorado!! Wooo!!

116,228: miles on Winston, my car, as of today

13: years old Winston is this year

1,105: miles from Indy to Ft. Collins, CO

18:14 : hours and minutes to drive from Indy to Ft. Collins (or 5 movies…..just kidding, of course…who watches movies while driving across the country??? Although from what I hear both Nebraska and Kansas are pretty much flat and straight ;))

2: days in which Shanda and I will be traveling that distance

18: years as of June 14th since asking Jesus to dwell in me

1,200-1,400: calories I should be eating a day according to my height. How depressing. Do you realize how little food that is??? That is 300-ish calories per meal, plus a couple 100-calorie snacks. I think this might be the first time ever I have been sad that I am short.

15: days unti Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows part 2 comes out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So. Excited. Definitely taking a box of tissues with me to the drive-in – fully prepared to cry through most of it.


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