Thankful Thursday: June 30

Thankful today for…..

1. No more headaches. I can’t remember if I already put this in a thankful Thursday post, but even if I have, it is worth putting in again. It is amazing to me how accustomed we get to chronic pain, and the immense relief that comes when it is finally, completely gone. Reminds me of sin. We get so used to it, not seeing the real damage it is doing to our lives, and then when we finally recognize and root it out, we understand again what life is supposed to be like! (Please excuse my mini-sermon there).

2. My friend Tomi, and her willingness to ask me hard questions and speak truth into my life when I need it.

3. Being able to approach the throne of grace with confidence. Also, that it is a throne of grace for believers, not a throne of judgement.

4. My small group! They are awesome.

5. Having friends from afar come visit. It’s not every year that I get to see people from Australia and Germany!!

6. Air-conditioning in my car.

7. A good sermon. On Monday I listened to the best sermon on marriage I have heard in a really long time, by Tim Keller from Redeemer Presbyterian Church in Manhattan. I was going to post it on here so you could hear it, but the file isn’t the correct type. So, if you want to listen, give me a holler and I’ll send it to you! It is great no matter where you are in life – married, not yet married, and everywhere in between.

8. Books. There is rarely ever anything good on TV, but that can never be said for books. There will always be another great book to add to the list.

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