The Journey, Part 3

Made it to Kathmandu!
Made it to Kathmandu!

“Ladies and Gentleman, welcome to Nepal”, the flight attendant said over the speaker as our wheels touched down at Kathmandu International Airport. After 35-ish hours of flying, we made it. We descended the stairs to the tarmac and stood there drinking in the 360 degree view of the Himalayas. Breathtaking, beautiful, awesome. Our bus came and took us around to the terminal, where we got our 15-day visa and retrieved our bags (both of which made it!), and then headed out to meet Sarah, our team leader for the week.

We hopped into a van, and made our way out into some of the craziest driving I have seen, although it does remind me of the driving in Ukraine and Benin. 🙂 Many of the roads are under construction at the moment, and are just a mess of dirt piles, pot holes, etc. Motorbikes were swarming around us like bees, and our driver beeped his horn at anyone who got in his way. Pedestrians fearlessly walked across streets that have never seen a crosswalk in the midst of traffic coming both ways. Police men stand in the middle of intersections directing cars. Traffic flows, but lanes are non-existant. The city is bustling with people today, as children are on holiday from school, and the weather is beautiful so people are out and about.

Our hotel is in the tourist district of the city, and it is set back from the road so it is quiet and secluded. My room is on the very top floor (6th), and I have a balcony that looks out over the city with the mountains in the background. There is a staircase up to the roof, where there are tables and chairs. I will be spending lots of time up there, hopefully. The views are stunning, and the city is a mix of nice buildings and decrepit ones.

We are heading out for the afternoon shortly, so I will close for now. Our schedule promises lots of travel around the country and adventures as we check out this organization and get to know the staff. Thanks for journeying with me!

The view from my room. Awesome, yes?
The view from my room. Awesome, yes?

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