Busy Day

So, I was originally going to spend the afternoon working on blog entries to post later this week. And then I got my new iPhone this afternoon. Whoops! There went three hours getting it set up and “broken in”. 🙂 In addition to all my playing around, I ended up being very domestic and spent lots of time in the kitchen (which I love!). Here is what my productivity produced today:

– Turkey Chili, cornbread, salad and strawberry-fudge brownies: dinner for a friend recovering from surgery and her family for tomorrow night

– Reheated pork tenderloin, spinach and sundried tomato alfredo and fresh sauteed zucchini for dinner tonight

– Salad for lunch tomorrow

– And the crowning glory: Bailey’s dark chocolate covered strawberries!!!

I love fresh fruit season. It makes meals so much more delicious when the fruit is fresh and in season.

Whew! Bedtime. Hopefully I will get around to the blogging tomorrow!

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