Igniting a Passion to Follow Jesus

That is the mission statement of the community of people I am connected with here in Indy, called College Park. I LOVE this church, and I LOVE that God is allowing me to be a part of this body while I live in this city.

4 Reasons why I love College Park:

1) Focus on Jesus: the Person,King, Savior, Redeemer, Friend, Lover, Rescuer, Bringer-of-the-gospel. The mission statement is brought out in everything they do, say and believe. There is such a strong desire to get people plugged in to and connected with Jesus as He is, recognizing our brokenness and need for Him. I’ve been in lots of churches with GREAT missions, but I love that College Park cares so incredibly much about igniting a passion to follow Jesus in the people who are a part of the church

2) Global Vision: I was so excited to learn yesterday during a membership class that College Park gives away 34% of its funds to missions and outreach. That is amazing! We have partnerships around the world, and also within the city of Indianapolis. The idea is that we come to church not to get for ourselves, but to be filled so that we can then go out and be the church to a lost and dying world.

3) Real, Transforming Community: people who are real with their struggles and life. When I ask how someone is, rarely do I get the standard “good”. It is usually the start of an actual conversation where I hear about their week, how things are going, what’s been hard, how they have seen God show up in their life….and sometimes that happens the first time I meet them! It is people who are not afraid to get in each others business and ask the hard questions that are so easy to avoid, and who pray for one another regularly. It is refreshing.

4) Truth, or True, Hard, Honest Lessons from God’s Word: I am on a Quest this year to expand my view of God. On the first Sunday of 2011, they put two sentences up on the screen during worship for us to fill in. The first was “God, I thank you for your ________ in 2010.” My answer was “steadfast love”. The second was “God, I need to change _______ in 2011”, and my answer was/is “my view of you”. Because last year, in the midst of trials, I allowed my view of God to shrink. I put Him in a box and tried to tell Him what He was doing and what needed changing. But I’ve realized that what needs changing is how I view Him, because He is the Great, Unchanging One.

So, I’ve been praying that prayer every day this year: “God, please change/widen my view of you this year.” And oh, my, the ways He has shown up! More on that in a later post no doubt, but the reason I bring this up at all, is that one thing He has been using to expand my view of Him are Pastor Mark Vroegop’s sermons. He is not afraid to tackle the hard issues, but he does it with such love that it makes the sting of conviction sweet. He infuses the hope of the gospel in each sermon, and so far this year I have left each week with a new picture in my mind of who God is, and who He is calling me to be. I leave worship with a desire to spend time before the Lord, just sitting in His presence. And for that, I am thankful, and excited to see how else He widens my view of Him this year. (Also, if you have any sermons/songs/scripture/thoughts/etc that have done that for you, I would LOVE to hear them!!)

All that said, I really encourage you to check out some of the CPC (College Park Church) sermons for yourself. Believe me, it will be 30-45 minutes of your time well spent. The website is http://www.yourchurch.com, and you can click on the “sermons” link to get a list of the past 6 months, or you can get the one from the previous week right on the homepage.

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