The house is filling up for a delightful week of celebrating! Grandma and Aunt Judy were here already when I arrived yesterday, Grannie, Grandpa, Aunt Mary and Uncle Don arrive this afternoon. Preparations for the Big Day (friday) are interspersed with conversations, relaxing in the living room, sleep and much laughter and good food. Watching dad in his natural habitat (the yard), loving all the time he has to make it beautiful. Watching mom bustle around doing what she does best (making everything perfect for every occasion), as usual, making every moment fun. Watching Grandma be her feisty self (calling my Aunt’s road trip to various Civil War battlefields “boooring”, chugging along with all of us in spite of constant pain in her leg, announcing that she was going to be the ‘supervisor’ of the chocolate fountain during the party). Watching my Aunt love every minute of her Civil War road trip adventure, checking in each afternoon to update us on her whereabouts and get mom’s help finding a hotel for the night. And me? I’m soaking in each moment, so thankful to be home with my family.


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