All that glitters

Sometimes, and especially during award season, I find myself captivated by the lives of the rich and famous. I watch interviews, see movies, look at pictures, read stories, and get drawn in to the false belief that their life is somehow better than mine. It is easy to lose sight of reality in the midst of the glitz and glamour – that the reason we have pictures, interviews and stories is because their every move is followed, and they constantly have cameras in their faces.

And what are most of them famous for? Being good at pretending to be someone else, living scandalously, creating drama, having a good voice or body; in a word, superficial. So many people in our culture today are loved and celebrated for what they do, regardless of who they actually are on the inside. Often they display very little on the outside that is of substance, or show character qualities that are worth celebrating or emulating. 

And yet I still often find myself wanting to be known as they are, to walk the red carpet and have money to buy fancy clothes. I was reading in Proverbs the other day, though, and this verse caught my attention: “Do not let your heart envy sinners, but live in the fear of the Lord always.” (Prov . 23:17)

In light of eternity, it matters much more who we are than what we do in life. The main reason for that is because what we do stems directly from who we are. If we are people of kindness, then we will be kind to others. If we are prideful, then we will put ourselves and our own interests first. Our heart and our character are what truly matter, not what we wear or how many trophies we have won.

I still love movies, and I do still think it would be really fun to get dressed up and walk the red carpet, at least once. But my heart needs these reminders on occasion that I need to live with the end in mind. That at the end of my life I want to be known as a woman of compassion, strength, dignity, passion for the gospel, kindness, wisdom, humor and love. I want to celebrate real heroes – those who are doing things that matter, who are sacrificing their lives for others, who are living in a way that puts others first. I want to walk through life with those who care more about their character and heart than their public image. Those who, as the verse says, fear the Lord always.

This quote from Francis Chan sums this idea up well:




Thankful Thursday: May 3rd

I feel like all I have time to blog right now is these Thursday posts…more coming soon though! There are so many things in my mind that I want to write about…when life slows down a little.

For now, thankful for these 5 things:

1. Girl’s night. We had separate mens/women’s times for small group on Tuesday, and even though I love our whole group, it was refreshing to have some time with just the girls. We were able to go deep talking about heart change vs. behavior modification, and the root issues of the surface things we struggle with (one of the topics I am planning on writing more about soon!). So challenging and encouraging to share together and pray for one another.

2. Summertime is coming! The maintenance guys at my apartment complex took the cover off the pool this week and started the process of cleaning it out and refilling it in preparation for opening weekend coming up on Memorial Day. I wish they would open it early with the 80 degree days we’ve been having, but 3 more weeks won’t kill me. 😉

3. The sky. I love the sky so much!

Beautiful Beaufort by the sea…











4. God’s mercy in revealing our sin in little bits that we can handle. If we saw all of it at once, we would be crushed under the sheer weight of it. How kind that he gives us small glimpses of where He is working in the process of making us more into His image. It’s a long road Home, but a good one.

5. Good quotes. In light of the above topic, I love this quote from Lilo and Stitch: “it’s small and broken, but still good.”


26: Lessons Learned

For my birthday weekend I thought it would be fun to share a few lists (since I love lists so much): 26 things I have learned, 26 goals for the future, and 26 ways God has been faithful to me thus far.

So, without further ado, please enjoy…

Emily’s 26 Life Lessons Learned (so far):

1. Life very rarely turns out how you think it will when you are 10, (or 20)

2. There are few problems that cannot be solved with a good dose of Dark Chocolate

3. God knows what He is doing, so I don’t need to keep asking Him for a road map

4. Sometimes it is better not to ask what is on the plate you’ve just been given…just eat it and ask the Lord to keep it down

5. There will always be so much more to learn

6. Memorizing scripture is never a waste of time, and you just might be surprised how the Lord will use it in your life in the future

7. The old adage “You get what you pay for” really is true 95% of the time; the other 5% you’re just lucky

8. There are times when the most spiritual thing you can do is take a nap

9. Math will always be hard

10. Perfection will never be achieved, so I should really just stop expecting to get there

11. Attitude often reflects and/or affects your experience

12. Life is supposed to be an adventure. Enjoy it.

13. There is an ever increasing lack of things to watch on television, but there is always another good book to read

14. Knowing all the answers doesn’t make you intelligent, just annoying

15. It’s not wrong, it’s just different. Unless it is wrong.

16. To truly appreciate the sky, go to Africa

17. Winter happens for a reason

18. There are few greater joys than cuddling with a newborn baby

19. God is still good when He says “No” or “Wait”; it is up to us how we respond

20. Not everyone is given the gift of leadership – some people were created to follow

21. There is no place like home

22. Sometimes the greatest lessons are only learned through the deepest pain

23. Conflict is a good thing (aka: It’s ok to disagree)

24. You will never regret time spent with people you love

25. Always be willing to try something new

26. Life is uncertain, so eat dessert first! (thanks dad, for teaching this one by example!!) 😉