Fall, the best season of the year

A walk through Mason District Park, one of my favorite spots to spend time with Jesus, and now my new camera.








































Capitol Shots

Shanda came for a visit at the beginning of October, and we had a fun Saturday in DC. We toured the Capitol building and the Library of Congress, and tried to go to the Old Post Office, but were thwarted by the Taste of DC taking up 6 blocks of Pennsylvania Ave. We walked down the wrong side, and with tired feet and hungry stomachs we decided it wasn’t worth walking 4 more blocks to get around to the other side. But, that just means she’ll have to come back for another visit. 🙂

My new camera had just arrived, and it joined us on this great adventure and produced some pretty sweet shots. As we elect the leader of our country and many other political leaders today, I thought it appropriate to finally post some of the pictures on the blog. My prayer is that we will choose men and women who stand for principles that God can honor.

While I am thankful that God is sovereign and fully in control of this election and the future of the US, we are still responsible for the choices we make, including those we elect to office. I am not saying that we as a nation are “chosen”, or that God has set apart America for some great purpose…but I do think He cares, very much, about how we use the freedoms we have been given and the decisions that we make. We have the opportunity to change the direction we are currently heading, depending on what happens today. We cannot separate our beliefs from the rest of our life, including politics.

My favorite. Three kids running across the lawn of the Capitol…lots of symbolism if you think about it.










Emancipation Hall in the basement of the Capitol









Ulysses S. Grant









Self portrait in front of the capitol











Thankful Thursday: November 1st

Thankful today for…

1. Restored power after Hurricane Sandy this week – we lost power Monday evening and got it back Wednesday morning. Losing it made me very thankful for light and warmth when it is working properly.

2. Babies arriving safely! I have three or four friends who have had new babies arrive in the past week. Thankful for each one, and what a great reminder of how much God values every life.

3. Photography classes. Excited to learn this month from the guys over at improve photography  all about how to use my brand new awesome camera to take great pictures…especially as my nephew Logan is arriving any day now!!! Love that the course is videos sent by email, so I can learn at my own pace and get to them when able!

4. Cool weather. I LOVE fall. LOVE it. And I am happy that November seems to be doing a better job so far of acting like my favorite season. October was a bit of a disappointment in that area.

5. New ideas. I’ve gotten several leads on potential organizations to send me to South Asia…excited to see where the Lord takes it from here!