Close to Home

The Lord continues to bring up the issue of sex trafficking and human slavery in my life and in the news, even though my dress campaign is over. Here are a couple recent examples:

1. LAST WEEK Indianapolis Police broke up a multi-state international sex-trafficking ring run by three brothers in northwest Indy that has been operating in Indianapolis and other nearby cities for 10 years. During the raid 19 men were arrested who were actively involved in the trade. The news report said that the men advertised using business cards that “look” like they are for auto repair services and western wear, that each “service” cost $40-50, and the women were forced to do this in order to “work off the cost of smuggling them into the country”. 

2. At my aforementioned patch making party, my friend Sara brought her new roommate Whitney, who just started a job at The Center for Global Impact. Her specific job is to promote and advertise the products of ByTavi, purses, bags and scarves made by women in Phnom Phen Cambodia who have either been rescued out of sex slavery or who are headed in that direction because it is literally their only chance at survival. These are women who have no other opportunity for work, and through this organization they are given skills to sew. 100% of the proceeds from the bags go back to the women or into the program to keep it going, allowing them to rescue more women and provide more jobs. The products are affordable, stylish and beautiful, and like the postcard below says, do so much more than just making a fashion statement! Click on the link above or check out for more info!

3. At the same party, we were also talking about the rising prevalence of sex trafficking in the US, and the sneaky ways people advertise their ‘business’. The biggest opportunities for this occur during major sporting events like the World Cup, Super Bowl, etc….anything that brings in large crowds of people.  Many traffickers use billboards and business cards that look innocent on the surface, just like the men in the news story above – advertising houses, clothing, cars, valet services and more. You just have to know what you are looking for to get to the truth.

Postcard for byTavi designs!

In Awe

Did you watch any of the footage of the Chilean miners being rescued yesterday? I found myself captivated as one by one the mine slowly emptied and the miners were healthily and wholly reunited with family and loved ones. After 69 days of living in darkness underground, this is incredible to me. And then the rumblings began of how God was at work in the midst of this crazy, traumatic ordeal. One radio stations shared a story of how 2 or 3 of the miners found eternal life through Jesus Christ while entombed in the ground. And then I found this story today….. once again amazed at the many ways God uses to get His gospel to the nations, and even of the way He is using Campus Crusade for Christ in that process! It is a privilege to be a part of this group of Christ-followers whose one passion is to see everyone know someone who truly follows Jesus! I encourage you to read the story of the t-shirts most of the men were wearing as they came to the surface!!