AWLE: The End

Celebrating Little E's 1st birthday a couple weeks ago!
Celebrating Little E’s 1st birthday a couple weeks ago!

Well, my adventures with Little E are coming to an end. Today is my last day nannying her. It has been a great joy spending 3 days of each week with this precious little girl. Over the last 6.5 months I have loved watching her learn how to sit, then scoot, then stand, then crawl (yes, in that order), then walk! Loved reading books together, dancing, climbing the stairs, going on adventures in the car, playing in the living room, and holding her while we looked out the front door at all the fun things outside. On sunny days I loved going on walks to the park, or down to the FroYo place when it was warm. I loved rocking with her before naps, and seeing her smile when I walked into her room after she woke up. I loved watching her personality start to become evident in the past couple months, especially her opinions on what she wants to wear, play with and eat! I loved taking her places, because she put a smile on everyone’s face who saw her. Babies are instant happiness makers, I am convinced.

Part of me is sad that I will no longer be a part of her life, and I know she will not remember me after a few months. But I keep reminding myself that Little E has a family who loves her abundantly. She is safe, cared for, and precious to so, so many people. I am leaving because there are children in Nepal who don’t have a family to love them. Children who are not safe, who are left on their own, discarded and unwanted. That is something I cannot understand, not wanting a precious child. Yet the reality of how many children find that to be true in their life cannot be ignored. So I leave knowing the Little E is in great hands. As much as I love her, my heart belongs to a group of children in this tiny country who I will be meeting soon.

Playing at the park!
Playing at the park!
Sweet baby face! Love her!
Sweet baby face! Love her!

Thankful Thursday: November 15th

Another week come and gone, and another week with much for which to be thankful!

1. Scarves and turtlenecks. My own personal name for the winter season is “NeverWarm”, because as the name implies, I am cold pretty much all the time from now through March. My hands and feet have such a hard time staying warm due to poor circulation, and when those extremities are cold, the rest of me usually follows suit. So, I am thankful for lots of lovely scarves, turtlenecks, hats, mittens, gloves, and thick socks to help shield me from freezing to death.

2. “Morning and Evening” by Charles Spurgeon. Such a delightfully rich devotional.

3. Exodus 14:14 “I [The Lord] will fight for you; you need only be still”

4. For breakthroughs and new ideas as I pursue going back overseas. The last few weeks have felt like I was stalled out, not going anywhere, just waiting for direction. This week though the Lord has opened several doors that have me super excited. More details coming soon.

5. Quiet moments and Christmas Music. Today is one of those days with the babies where one stops crying and fussing and the other one starts. Right now though, they are both sitting quietly in the living room playing, looking out the big windows and practicing their crawling (Mr A) and sitting/standing (Little E) skills. We are also enjoying some soft Christmas music to help get us into the season. 🙂

AWLE: An Update

The speed at which babies grow and change just fascinates me. You get one routine down, and then they are ready for the next big thing. Little E and Mr A are starting to get to a more fun stage now – crawling!! One month ago, Mr A could barely sit up on his own, and Little E wouldn’t stay on her tummy for more than a nano-second (I’m not even joking – she would start to flip over to her back as you were laying her down). But now, as November dawns and they are finishing up month number 7 of their first year in this crazy world, Mr A is scooting forward and beginning to get up on his knees and rock back and forth. And Little E rolls to her tummy on her own and is beginning to grasp the idea of moving somewhere.

It makes me laugh, sometimes, at how very different these two babies are. 5 days apart in age, and yet different in most everything. With Little E, I can put her down on the floor and know that she will be right where I left her when I walk back in the room. Mr A, however, could be rolled to the other side of the blanket half-way under the couch. Same with sleeping. Little E barely moves – even her hands stay right next to her head. Mr A? I lay him down in the crib, and when he wakes up he is flipped to the other end, turned over with his face pressed into the side hollering at me. Mr A has a walker, and he loves to zoom around the kitchen while I am getting their bottles ready, or cleaning, or just playing with them. Little E’s feet barely reach the floor, and she can only go backwards.

They are similar in some ways, though. Both of them love to sing, and eat, and talk, and be outside. They are both content babies who enjoy playing and are good at entertaining themselves. The love being in their stroller, and riding in the car. Within the past week they have started to become more interactive with each other, talking, playing, laughing and crying together quite often. They are starting to become aware of the world around them, and are beginning to respond when talked to or told something.

Even though it will be more tiring, in some ways, when they become fully mobile, I am looking forward to it at the same time. This is such a fun age and time in their lives, when everything is new and little things are big adventures, and I am enjoying being a part of it as we spend our days together!

AWLE: Success & A Surprise

Finally! 2.5 weeks in, and we found a playground. Success! Not only that, we found two playgrounds, AND a lovely walking path! Oh, yes we did. Little E tried out the swing on her own for the first time and loved it! We will definitely be going back there a lot, especially as she and Mr A get bigger and can do more! And next time, we will park in the subdivision right near the playground, and not in the gravel parking lot across the major road. You live and you learn…that’s why they are called ‘adventures’. Haha. We were very happy yesterday. Here are some pictures from our foray into the great unknown!

Little E enjoying the swing! Look at how cute she is! Who could resist that face??
The beautiful path we got to meander down
The playground. I had to take a faraway shot because there were people there I don’t know. Didn’t want to be a creeper, you know.
















Aaaannnddddd we found out today that Mr. A is going to be joining us full-time on Monday. Surprise! Yes, this Monday. Not in three months, or one month. 4 days. And no more Fridays off or half days on Wednesday. 50 hours a week of straight babies. Eek! So, starting next week, it will be me and the 6 month olds out to conquer the world.  Well, almost 7 month olds. Good thing they are cute, and not too mobile as of yet. Their awesome moms are scurrying to get a double stroller bought this weekend so I can take them both out at the same time next week, and we are going to have a trial and error session to find out what works best for naps. Oooo it’s going to be a fun week.

AWLE: It’s Official…

…Little E is one of the cutest babies in the world, and I’m not the only one who thinks so. Everywhere we go people just ooo and aaahh and tell me how cute and adorable and happy and smiley and chunky she is. And it’s true. All of it.

Yesterday we went to Barnes and Noble for children’s story time and she loved it. She did so great sitting in my lap and listening to the story, and she also loved all the other kids. I’m pretty sure Little E is an extrovert. She LOVES people, and does NOT love being by herself. She is happy and content to just sit in her stroller and stare at everyone around her, although she also loves to talk to them sometimes, making them smile with her gibberish and drool as she chews on Sophie, her squeaky giraffe. Mr. A and his mommy also joined us for story time yesterday, which was a fun surprise! Little E and Mr A get along quite well, which is good since they will be spending all day together every day in the near future.

Her favorite game at the moment is to lay on her back and pull anything around her over her face. Blankets, teddy bears, dolls, burp cloths, her clothes…whatever is near her is bound to end up covering her face. The funniest part about it is that she gets mad when you pull it off. She loves to just leave it on her face, and she kicks and giggles and thinks it is the best thing ever.

Since she loves adventures and going out so much, I am on the hunt for more fun things for us to do, especially as the weather cools down. Lunch at Whole Foods is on the list, as well as some other fun children’s activities at the nearby Towne Center. Hooray for adventures!