Flashback Fun

Time for some more flashback funness! Are there any theme songs that stick in your head? Or bring back memories of new episodes or videos that came out that you were so excited to see?

I loved McGee and Me when I was younger. The theme song is soooo 1990’s – but it still makes me smile:

Flashback Forward

Have you ever heard of Psalty the Singing Songbook? Or McGee and Me? Duncan the Donut Man? Steve Green Hide Em’ in your Heart Songs? Wee Sing? I hadn’t fully understood the breadth of the Christian youth sub-culture until a discussion during small group last week. Half of us grew up in Christian homes and were laughing and carrying on about these fun things, and the other half was looking at us like we were completely crazy.

Let’s start with Psalty. A huge royal blue singing hymnal? Totally normal in my world. Thus begins a fun series of flashbacks of fun, quirky things you may only know about if you were there. If you aren’t used to him though, I warn you, it’s a little scary. You might just want to fast forward to after the song is over…about 2:45.

My favorite line is “It’s going to be a Hopallujah Blast!!!” Hahahahaha. Soooo cheesy, and slightly creepy.