Fighting for Thankfulness

There once was a time when Thanksgiving was about giving thanks. Remember? When we gathered together for the purpose of remembering God’s faithfulness, celebrating His blessings, and enjoying family and friends.

But ever so slowly the focus has shifted. Now it is more about overeating, and watching football, and pursuing the best deals as Black Friday turns rapidly into Black Thanksgiving. Have you noticed this year how many stores are open on Thursday, advertising sales and deals starting as early as 10am? Apalling, really. We have allowed the meaning and purpose of the holiday to be lost in the pursuit of spending money we don’t have on meaningless things. Instead of focusing on the abundance of what we have already been given, our focus is on getting more.

It’s not that finding an amazing deal on that new phone (for example) is bad; believe me, I love a good sale as much as anyone. However, this thirst for “more”, “better”, “new”, “upgraded”, and “different” is getting out of hand. Hopefully we are consistently cultivating thankfulness in our lives on a daily basis, but let’s get back to Thanksgiving being a day about giving thanks. Enough is Enough. Let’s fight against the current of consumerism and greed, and take this one day to actually be thankful for what we have been given. Sit around the table for more than 15 mintues, after spending 5 hours in the kitchen cooking. Share what you are thankful for, how the Lord provided for you this year, how you have grown, who has impacted your life for the better over the past twelve months, prayers that have been answered, etc.

There is so much joy found in choosing thankfulness, and complete fulness in fixing our eyes on Jesus. Everything we have been given comes from Him. Everything.

Remember that today, and choose to fight for thankfulness. In the midst of whatever is going on in your life and wherever you are, I pray that you experience the joy and fulness that is found in Christ, and enjoy the day with family and friends celebrating His great faithfulness.

Happy Thanksgiving!