Thankful Thursday: April 18th

It has been a crazy, exhausting, awesome week, and as I look back I am thankful for these 5 things:

1. Finishing up another conference season…today marks the end of our last conference until August! I am thankful for my team, for the way we have worked well together this year, and for being able to serve ‘behind the scenes’ making conferences and events run smoothly for our region. It’s been a great experience! I am looking forward to turning my attention fully towards Berlin Summer Project now, and finalizing all the many details that need to happen in just a few weeks.










2. For the new Franklin baby that will be joining our family this November!!! Let me just tell you, this is going to be one well-loved child. I am SO excited about being an aunt (you can call me Auntie Em) and getting to love on and spoil my niece/nephew!! The sonogram photo is the front screen on my phone, and it makes me smile every time I see it. Can’t wait to meet this baby!!!

3. Hearing our AIA students speak the gospel with boldness and clarity. I love hearing what God is doing and has done in the lives of the athletes at Butler, and getting to be a small part of their journey! We heard from our three graduating Seniors tonight, and they did a fabulous job giving encouragement, casting vision and challenging the younger students to stay strong and finish well. I am going to miss Erika, Ross and Mallory a lot!

4. Pumpkin cinnamon rolls with carmel frosting. How can something be so delicious?

5. My patio/garden area/flowers! I planted a new batch of wildflowers today in front of my A/C unit, and am praying they grow as well as they did last year. We shall see. I didn’t have my handy-dandy dad here this time to help, but I did call him for assistance. The rest of my garden is to the point where it doesn’t need much help, for which I am thankful. I can’t do high-maintenance plants. They will all end up dead.

A Mid-Winter’s Night Tea

I survived a tea party wearing sweat pants.

You know me, I love all things tea. Tea parties? Totally my sweet spot. I love it all – the dainty cups, the pretty food, the tea, being 100% girly, wearing cute clothes, you name it.

Well, last Wednesday the Butler Cru girls did a tea party outreach, and each table was hosted by a different group. The Athletes in Action girls decided to host a table, which was awesomeeeee. They decided to make their table theme “athlete casual”, so all the table decor was paper/plastic, and the girls all wore sweats/comfy clothes. I was invited to join the fun, and had a delightful time. Even in my sweats. I love these women so much, and it was totally worth breaking out of my normal comfort zone to spend time with them!

For over half of the 95 ladies who attended, this was their first Cru event (including 4 ladies at our table!). The speaker did a great job sharing the gospel, and our prayer is that this will open many more conversations with the Cru women who invited them!

The AIA table...they did a great job color-coordinating!










A bit blurry, but I enjoyed hanging out with these girls for the evening!











Erika and Claire, two of the ladies involved in AIA!










Chocolate covered Strawberries are essential to a tea party...and these were delicious!












Thankful Thursday: February 2nd

Another week come and gone, and today thankful for these….

1. A comfy bed and a good breakfast at the Hampton Inn and Suites in Knoxville, TN on Sunday night to break up the long trek from SC back to Indy.

2. Running into my friend Katie in the middle of Spartanburg, SC at the only Starbucks in town…located in the Barnes and Noble! I was in need of a snack and some coffee, and it was literally the only place for several miles. How neat of the Lord to get me off at that stop and bring me to that shop so we could reconnect! Crazy fun.

3. Time to get things done, like cleaning my apartment and getting an oil change

4. Things being on sale

5. AIA students who love Jesus and live out their faith while playing their sport. It is always a challenge to get myself to a bible study that starts at 9pm, but once I am there, it is always worth it. Love to dig into the Word with them and experience life together.

Thankful Thursday

I got this idea from my friend Tasha (who I mentioned in my last post). She does hers on Mondays, which is awesome. I love alliteration though, and today is Thursday, so I thought it would be fun to start a weekly thankful-for post.

So, without further ado, things I am thankful for this Thursday:

1. Getting to know this group of awesome Butler athletes, and grow in our walks with God together! I am going to miss them this summer!

Part of our weekly bible study group!

2. The privilege of praying for our world (and having it be part of my job!!)

The Operation World room during our day of prayer on Tuesday

3. My team (last picture, obviously…..I’m still trying to figure out wordpress, and how to get the post to look like how I type it. Grrrrrr)

Don't you want to come work with us???

4. Rest/down time

5. Our Friday morning training group (SO excited to see all the lovely ladies tomorrow – I’ll take a picture to post later, because they are all just so beautiful and precious)

6. God’s word being living and active and working continually in my life!

7. 2 more days of the One Dress Campaign!

8. Family dinner thursdays

9. Medicine that works, and fewer headaches

10. Tomi, Katie and Erin, and the weekend we are about to have in NYC!!! 🙂

Hard Questions

Fall Break has begun down at Butler University, so we were a little uncertain how many people would show up tonight for our bible study. It was encouraging to see the room full of athletes committed to coming no matter what. This week we did a short review of chapters 1-5 and then had a Q & A session for the students to ask anything they wanted to about the book (or anything else) so far. It was awesome!! I LOVED hearing their questions, seeing them dig into the Word, looking for truth.

Here are a few of the questions we discussed:

– Since God is omnipotent, and He knew His creations would mess up and sin, why did He choose to make us in the first place?

– If God cannot be tempted by sin, then how could Jesus be tempted?

– Since God created us with the choice to obey or disobey, is He able to sin?

– Why does Gen 1:26 say “Our” instead of “My”?

– What does it mean that we inherited our sin nature from Adam?

– If Satan knew who Jesus really was, why did he bother tempting Him, if he knew He wouldn’t sin?

And more! My soul was refreshed talking through these questions, listening to the students and other staff make points and jump to different passages of scripture to back them up and seek for the answer most in line with what God says. They are great!