Monday Review – I Dream of You

In my first 10 months of motherhood I have discovered many new companies and products that have been so helpful and awesome, so I have decided to start a weekly review post where I share one of my finds! These are not ads; I am not getting paid by anyone to share this information, they are simply my reviews on items I have found and want you to know about. They will not always be baby or kid related either, so these reviews are for everyone! Come back each Monday for a new item, and if you have found something awesome that makes life easier/better, please share it with me. I would love to post guest reviews so we can all learn and share together!

First up: I Dream of You, by JJ Heller

JJ Heller - I dream of you

It is no secret that JJ Heller is one of my favorite music artists. Her soft voice, melodic sound and beautiful writing draw you in and make your day better. So, when I learned that she was creating a lullaby cd, it was the first thing that went on our baby registry and one of my favorite things we received.

We started playing it while I was still pregnant, and had it playing in the delivery room as our son was born. What I did not realize at the time is that it is magic. But I know that now. Two weeks after our baby was born he was diagnosed with a congenital heart condition called Tetralogy of Fallot. Because of this condition, it was vital that we keep him as calm as possible until his surgery to repair the hole in his heart.

So, anytime he started getting too riled up, we turned on I Dream of You. And like magic, he calmed instantly. Every time. It worked before his surgery, it worked in the hospital when he started getting agitated with all the cords and wires, and it still works on car trips and when he wakes up in the night crying. It is amazing how quickly it calms him down, and I recommend it to anyone having a baby.

What I like about it: It is not annoying. So many lullaby songs are cheesy and boring. These songs are beautiful, written for both parents and baby. The songs provide encouragement on nights that seem to go on forever, and give hope to weary moms and dads. They remind you that this baby is a gift, and that everything is going to be ok. It is an album that I can listen to over and over – we’ve had it going for ten months so far and I am not tired of it yet.

Favorite tracks:

  • The Sun will Rise
  • Big World, Baby
  • I Get to Be the One

Cost: $8.99, or free to stream on some sites

Where you can get it:  iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, or her website

Summary: Get it. If you are having a baby, you will not regret it. If you have a baby in the hospital, definitely get it. I wish every NICU and PICU in the world could have a copy of it to play for the babies. It makes that much of a difference.

Grammar Tips: Apart vs A Part

In this age of the internet, texting shorthand, auto correct, and everyone determined to communicate as fast as possible, grammar seems archaic and boring. Yet at the same time it is the framework that allows for accurate communication and understanding. Take for instance the two words “apart” and “a part”. Did you know those have completely different meanings? Do you know the context in which each is meant to be used? Because I have discovered that many people seem to have no idea, or maybe just don’t proofread before they post.

For example, I cannot count the times I have seen this written:

“I am SO glad to be apart of this family!” or “It was so fun being apart of this event!”

Wait, what? So, are you really glad, or are you saying that sarcastically? Because “apart” means “separated from, distant, not connected”, while “a part” means “a piece or segment that combined makes up the whole; belonging to, connected”.

It is confusing, I know. I get it. So, here are two tips to help remember which word to use.

Tip #1: Think of them backwards. The one with no space is the one you use when something is separate. “The radio came apart when it was smashed with a hammer”, “Everything was great, apart from the math lesson”, etc. The one with the space is the one you use when you are indicating something that is connected. “Shakespeare is a part of literary history”, “It was so fun being part of this event”, etc. In many cases you can drop the “a” and just say “part”. So if you can drop the “a” and the sentence makes sense, use a space or just use “part”.

Tip #2: Know the difference between “from” and “of”. Almost every time it is “apart from” or “a part of”. If the sentence requires “of”, then use “part” or “a part”. If the sentence requires “from”, then use “apart”. For example, you would not say “I am so glad to be a part from this family”, but “I am so glad to be a part of this family” is correct. “I want to be apart of this group” is incorrect, but “I want to be part of this group” is correct.

Because English is complicated and ridiculous, there many be some exceptions to these tips, but they are accurate the vast majority of the time. Good luck!