A Pregnant Pause

AKA: The Waiting Game. Or, Baby Watch. Or, Wait, was that a Contraction?

We made it to 39 weeks! A friend of mine who was due the day before me went into labor and delivered her baby last week, making me realize that this could literally happen Any. Day. Now. I feel simultaneously super ready, and super not ready for this impending event. Every day we wait…and wait.  At the same time, we are also rushing around getting the nursery finished (What? Emily the over-planner doesn’t have the nursery finished? Nope. Not even close. I know, it is a surprise to me too.), making meals for the freezer, ignoring contractions, rehearsing the go-time plans, and enjoying our last few days before we are joined by this new tiny human.

In the midst of the waiting, here are some “You Know You’re Pregnant When” things I’ve experienced/learned/discovered over the past nine months:

  • Nine months = eternity. No one tells you how long nine months takes when you are pregnant. I mean seriously, the school years flew by, and those were nine months each, so I figured pregnancy would be the same. Nope. Growing a human, in my personal experience, takes f o r e v e r. There are days when I can’t remember not being pregnant. Week one (well, week four, when we found out) feels like SO long ago. Note that it has not been a bad nine months, just much slower than I expected it to take.
  • You suddenly can’t remember anything. Y’all. Pregnancy brain is a REAL THING. I mean, one theory says that the baby takes up to 7% of your brain capacity in making their own brain, and it takes two years to get it back. Thank you, science. My brain feels so fuzzy half the time….I start a sentence and can’t finish it because the thought is gone. No idea where the sentence was going, it is just gone. I lost my driver’s license a couple weeks ago and had to get a new one, because my pregnancy brain put it in an OPEN POCKET on my purse, and then forgot about it for four days, by which point it had utterly disappeared. Genius. On a similar note, if I have forgotten to call you back, respond to an email/text/etc, I am sorry. And I blame it 100% on my missing brain cells.
  • The shower/bath suddenly becomes your favorite place. I mean, it only makes sense that when you feel like a whale (NOTE: I did NOT say I AM a whale, only that I FEEL like a whale), you would suddenly share an affinity for their natural habitat. What is it about pregnancy that makes water so appealing? All I know is that I have discovered the exact amount of hot water our tank holds before it is all gone. And I use it all, regularly.
  • Your bladder shrinks to the size of a pea. The only problem with this, of course, is that during pregnancy you are tasked with drinking a TON of water everyday. See where the issue comes in? Lots of water + teeny tiny bladder = no bueno.
  • You sometimes feel like you are in a sci-fi movie. Feeling your child move inside of you is one of the most magical and weird experiences you will ever have. I mean, this is a living human who could grow up to become the first person on Mars, or the discoverer of a cure for a rare disease, and they are kicking you in the ribs! Sometimes I lay in bed or on the couch while Henry is doing his evening acrobatics and marvel that this is how God decided to start new people. That women’s bodies are made to nurture and grow a new life…it is stunningly beautiful.
  • You don’t understand how you can love something so much that you’ve never seen. This child is 100% part of me. I cannot go anywhere without him, and he is totally dependent on me eating and nourishing myself so that he can grow. Yet, I have no idea what he looks like, or his personality, or what he is going to be like. In spite of having never seen him, I already love him so deeply and would do anything for him. It’s a mystery – one of life’s greatest, I think, and as someone who likes knowing things, not always easy. The anticipation of his arrival is growing, as both Christian and I so want to meet him and see his little face!!
  • Waiting takes on a whole new meaning. I think this experience more than any other I’ve had so far echoes the second coming of Christ. Just as Christ will return on a day that is completely unexpected and unknown, so too we have no idea when this little guy is actually going to make his appearance. We have made ourselves ready, and are waiting for him to come. Just as we are called to ready ourselves for that Great Day, to preach the gospel and make Him known until He appears, so we are called to ready ourselves for this new person. To prepare our hearts to love and serve another sacrificially, to make space for this baby in our home, to learn and prepare (as much as is possible) about parenthood and raising children. It has been a beautiful reminder of what it looks like to prepare for Jesus’ return, and has me looking forward to heaven in a fresh new way.



8 thoughts on “A Pregnant Pause

  1. Loved reading your thoughts on this pregnancy! I agree so much! I will say that my first pregnancy felt like it went really slow too (even though I was 15 weeks early!). But with Owen it definitely went by faster. So maybe it’s just something with the first one. You’ll have to let me know what you think if you have more kids 😉 praying for you and can’t wait to meet this little guy too!!

  2. Oh Emily, this posting is so precious. You have nailed it, down to the Last Detail. I am praying for you and the little family as you go through these coming days. Through is one of my favorite words. We are not stuck in any circumstances but Jesus will get us through the circumstances. God bless you Christian and Henry in the coming days.

  3. Hi Emily, I’m a step-cousin of Christian’s and saw that Dana had posted this. We just had our second baby in August and she was born at 41+5. I very much loathed the waiting game, but you seem more gracious about it than I was! Having a baby does make you think more about Eternity in more ways than one. Blessings for a safe labor for you! -Elizabeth

    1. Hi Elizabeth – so good to hear from you! I am sure if I get to 41+5, my patience will be wearing thin! I am only at 38+3 right now, so I can’t be too frustrated yet. Congratulations on your new daughter!!

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