Back at the writing desk

A lot has changed in the last year – I got married last fall, my husband and I both left our full time jobs and moved to a new city this spring, I started a new job as a travel consultant, and we found out that I am pregnant three days before loading our moving truck. Whew. In the midst of all the changes and new things the blog was moved to the “non-critical, non-essential” list for a while and writing did not happen. However, now that we are settling into the new place and establishing regular routines, I am looking forward to blogging again on a more regular basis. See you soon!


5 thoughts on “Back at the writing desk

  1. Hi, Emily! We will look forward to hearing more from you! So excited about all your adventures and life changes. Joyful blessings from God. My blog got put on the back burner, too, when we moved last May.. but I don’t have the excuse of a new job and new baby on top of it! 🙂 We are so happy for you. Love to you and your sweet hubby. Missing you all.

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