An Experiment in Silence

Hello friends!

It’s been a while, I know. 365 days since my last post on this blog. The break didn’t start out as intentional, but as weeks and then months passed, I decided to take some time away to contemplate my purpose for blogging, and my intended outcome.

Have you noticed how much noise there is on the internet? There are millions of voices, speaking on hundreds of thousands of subjects of every variety and sort. It is a bit overwhelming, to be honest, and I found myself feeling the weight of my smallness as I feebly added my own voice to the void. Was I writing about things that mattered? Was I writing my own opinions, or was I writing truth? Was my voice adding anything of substance, or was it just more noise?

As I sat in the “silence” of not writing, just observing others on the internet, I realized that like I was prone to do, many of them speak or write without thinking, sharing their opinions without taking the time to seek out fact and reason to make their argument persuasive. The problem is that for every opinion, there are hundreds of people who will accept that opinion also without thinking about it, without researching or looking for truth.

In this community of humanity that lives much of our lives on the internet, I have become more convinced then ever before that believers in Christ have a responsibility to be voices of truth in the midst of darkness and lies. I want this blog to be a place of truth-speaking, of sharing things that matter, of giving hope, peace, and joy. I want to write in such a way that no longer just adds to the noise, but is a quiet whisper of truth and meaning that will help others know Jesus and understand our world.

So, this year, I am committed to writing differently than I have before. I would love for you to join me, and add your own voice to the conversation! Welcome to 2015!


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