On my way back from Austin to Richmond last week, I overheard a hilarious conversation between a father and his 2.5 year old little girl. Here are my favorite two parts:

Girl: “Daddy, what are you doing?”

Dad: “Turning my phone off for the flight”

G: “But we aren’t flight yet”

D: “I know, but I am turning it off anyway. You need to choose to leave the window open or closed and stop playing with the shade”

G: “Why?”

D: “Because I said so”

G: “Ok. I want closed”

D: “Are you sure? You can’t see anything”

G: “No, I want closed”

D: “I would like to see out, let’s leave it open”

G: “Why?”

D: “Because I want to see when we are moving”

G: “Are we moving?”

D: “Not yet, but soon”

…A few minutes later as we were taxiing….

G: “Daddy, daddy, why are we running away from the airport??!”


Haha. She was so cute. She talked the entire hour of our flight from Atlanta to Richmond. Her dad was so patient with her, and also very glad when we landed. 🙂

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