3 Months Later

Over the past three months, I have worked through a sea of questions, enjoyed lots of down time, and entered in to the Great Job Hunt. The hard thing about jobs, I’ve found, is that when you find one you think is interesting or you would like to do, they don’t call you back. Even more frustrating are the companies (and I experienced many of them) who give absolutely no communication after you submit a resume.

It is a really good thing, then, that there is Someone else in charge. Someone who has a greater plan.

So, in the midst of no responses, and several “no” responses, there was always peace in knowing that the Lord would provide a job for me in His timing.

And, He has!! So excited that I am staying in the DC area for a while! What a joy to plant myself, develop community and a life here, and see what the Lord has in store. The job is more than I could have ever expected, and I am excited to start full time in a couple weeks!

Also, hopefully now that life is beginning to pick up again, I will have more to blog about. Lots of posts in the works!

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