The Journey, part 1

This time is different than any other time I have traveled on a mission trip before. When I went with CBC, I knew the people. When I moved to Germany with Cru, I knew the organization, having been involved as a student. But this time everything is new and unknown. I don’t know the organization, or any of the people, or the place where I am going. The exciting part is that there is so much to learn over the next 10 days. The terrifying part is that I like knowing what is going on, love having a plan and knowing what is expected of me. I’m so glad that Christ knows what is going on though, and I can trust Him through every step of this adventure.

So far the trip is progressing according to schedule. Dad dropped me off at the airport right on time, the airline checked my bag all the way through to Kathmandu (praise the Lord!), my first flight left on time, and I am currently in the air somewhere over the US on the way to San Francisco. Last time I looked out the window it was all fields, so I am guessing maybe Nebraska? Kansas? Somewhere flat, that’s all I know.

Well, I made it to San Francisco right on schedule, and am now hanging out with Brad and Autumn before our next flight to Singapore (with a one-hour stopover in Seoul, Korea!), which is delayed one hour. We will be in the air for a total of 19 hours including the stop for gas. Crazy! That even beats my trip to Johannesburg from Atlanta a few years ago. Anyway, we have fortified ourselves with lunch and coffee, and are ready to go when they call to board in a few minutes.

Our plane! Home for the next 19 hours!
Our plane! Home for the next 19 hours!

Thanks for joining me on the journey! I look forward to sharing more as I have connectivity in the coming days! With rolling blackouts in Kathmandu every day, it will be interesting, that is for sure!


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