AWLE: The End

Celebrating Little E's 1st birthday a couple weeks ago!
Celebrating Little E’s 1st birthday a couple weeks ago!

Well, my adventures with Little E are coming to an end. Today is my last day nannying her. It has been a great joy spending 3 days of each week with this precious little girl. Over the last 6.5 months I have loved watching her learn how to sit, then scoot, then stand, then crawl (yes, in that order), then walk! Loved reading books together, dancing, climbing the stairs, going on adventures in the car, playing in the living room, and holding her while we looked out the front door at all the fun things outside. On sunny days I loved going on walks to the park, or down to the FroYo place when it was warm. I loved rocking with her before naps, and seeing her smile when I walked into her room after she woke up. I loved watching her personality start to become evident in the past couple months, especially her opinions on what she wants to wear, play with and eat! I loved taking her places, because she put a smile on everyone’s face who saw her. Babies are instant happiness makers, I am convinced.

Part of me is sad that I will no longer be a part of her life, and I know she will not remember me after a few months. But I keep reminding myself that Little E has a family who loves her abundantly. She is safe, cared for, and precious to so, so many people. I am leaving because there are children in Nepal who don’t have a family to love them. Children who are not safe, who are left on their own, discarded and unwanted. That is something I cannot understand, not wanting a precious child. Yet the reality of how many children find that to be true in their life cannot be ignored. So I leave knowing the Little E is in great hands. As much as I love her, my heart belongs to a group of children in this tiny country who I will be meeting soon.

Playing at the park!
Playing at the park!
Sweet baby face! Love her!
Sweet baby face! Love her!

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