The God who Hears

Ishmael. The God who hears/listens. I love how Hebrew names often communicate aspects of God’s character. And I also love how many Hebrew names there are for God, each of which describe Him in a certain way. There is El Roi, the God who sees. And El Shaddai, God all sufficient. And Jehovah-Jireh, God who provides. There are hundreds of ways to describe God, and yet all of them combined do not come close to describing His full character.

The fact that God hears us when we call on Him continually amazes me. Who am I, to come before the God of the universe for anything? And yet I am invited by Him to speak that which He already knows. To ask in faith, yet trust that because He is God, He knows the best answer to give.

As this whole process of moving to Nepal has progressed, I have been asking a lot of the Lord. For greater faith, for perseverance, for grace, for compassion, and for courage. I have also asked for wisdom and guidance in which organization to go with, and for months I have been praying that the Lord would give me a Nepali friend here in DC who I could get to know and begin learning the language from before moving.

I had several contacts who fell through, several dead ends that led to nothing. But a couple weeks ago the God who hears answered in a way I never would have expected (which, being honest, is how He usually works, so you would think I would start to expect the unexpected). A friend had breakfast at Silver Diner, and guess where the waitress was from? You got it. Kathmandu! So, he told her about me, and then told me about her, and we met. And I found out that there is a whole community of Nepali’s here in DC, many of whom work at that Silver Diner!

I took this photo a few weeks ago, and I just love it.

During lunch she brought several of her friends over to meet this strange person who wanted to leave America and move to her home country. They were so excited that I was going and even more so excited about what I want to do. And she said she would love to meet up with me and help me learn the language!

Praises! Hopefully we can connect next week before my trip, and then again when I get back. Join me in thanking the Lord for His abundant grace and His crazy awesome answer, and please pray with me that she and I will be able to meet!


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