Moving Forward, yet Waiting

Just the other day I realized that I have not written an update in months about this process of going to Nepal in southeast Asia. I also realized that my blog had turned into being mostly Thankful Thursday posts once a week, because I couldn’t really think of anything interesting to write about. So, I am taking a break from Thankful Thursdays and hopefully will be updating more often with what I am learning and how the process is progressing.

When I moved back in September, I was hoping that I would find an organization quickly, that a person would call me out of the blue wanting to go with me, and I would be well on my way back overseas in no time. Yet at the same time, I knew I wanted time with my family, so I was also ok with the process moving along at whatever pace the Lord so desired. Weeks passed with little progress in any of those areas, and for the first time, I didn’t freak out about it. I knew it was a risk, leaving Cru with no concrete answers, but I also knew that I was right where I was supposed to be, and that in His time, I would be given the game plan.

In November I was invited to a ministry partner’s small group to meet a girl named Valerie who is joining staff with Cru. She thought it would be a great connection, but little did either of us know how significant that meeting would be. As I was sharing about my desire to move to Nepal and work with orphans and my need for an organization to go with, Valerie got really excited. She began to tell me about an organization that works with women and children at risk. She talked about all the ways they are working to care for orphans, street children and women and girls caught in trafficking, and I realized that they are doing exactly what I want to be a part of.

The more I learned about this organization, the more excited I was to explore this as an option. I prayed about it for a few days, and then started the application process. At each step my prayer has been that if this is where I am supposed to be and who I am supposed to go with, then all the details would be taken care of. And so far, they have.

I am so excited when I think that the Lord might allow me to serve Him in this way. The next step in the process is a 2-week exploration trip that will be at the beginning of April. I will get to see the organization up close and personal, meet the staff, experience the culture and at the end a final decision will be made on whether or not I will be calling Nepal home for the next 4 years.

The Lord has been teaching me about what it looks like to move forward, yet wait on Him. To pursue organizations, talk to people, pray, dream, get excited. And yet at the same time to rest in His sovereignty, to trust His timing instead of trying to make it work on my time. Each step of the way He has been faithful to make the path just a little bit clearer, knowing that is all I need to see for right now.


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