Thankful Thursday: December 13th

Thankful on this Thursday for….

1. This promise: “Your eyes have seen my unformed substance; and all the days ordained for me were were written before one of them came to be.”

2. Jessica – one of my dearest friends from high school days. I am thankful that we have stayed connected over the past 12 years, even when living on opposite sides of the world. Thankful that we can pick up right where we left off, no matter how long in between seeing each other, and thankful for times like last month when we were able to connect and spend a few hours together! Thankful for her walk with Christ, and what an encouragement she is to me!

Jess and I at lunch a few weeks ago!
Jess and I at lunch a few weeks ago!









3. Rocking chairs. The one in the living room at Little E’s house is old and sometimes creaky, but such a comfort and a great place to rock the baby, read books, drink her bottle, and relax.

Little E and I hang out here often during the day
Little E and I hang out here often during the day













4. Windows. It is finally getting colder, and now too cold to go on walks most days, so Little E and I spend a lot of time just sitting at the window looking out at the world, which is a good substitute when we can’t be outside enjoying the weather.

5. Japanese food. Maybe I like it more since I was born there, but mmmm is it good stuff. Mom, dad and I went to dinner last night at a place that has very authentic Japanese food, which we love.





One thought on “Thankful Thursday: December 13th

  1. Dear Friend, I am so thankful for you too! Not many people (okay, just you, really) can know what a doofus I was in high school, and still want to be my friend after all this time 🙂 Oh, and 12 years? How are we that old? Gosh…don’t ever say that again! But truly, I love you tons, and I loved seeing you over Thanksgiving! Keep being beautiful!

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