Thankful Thursday: November 15th

Another week come and gone, and another week with much for which to be thankful!

1. Scarves and turtlenecks. My own personal name for the winter season is “NeverWarm”, because as the name implies, I am cold pretty much all the time from now through March. My hands and feet have such a hard time staying warm due to poor circulation, and when those extremities are cold, the rest of me usually follows suit. So, I am thankful for lots of lovely scarves, turtlenecks, hats, mittens, gloves, and thick socks to help shield me from freezing to death.

2. “Morning and Evening” by Charles Spurgeon. Such a delightfully rich devotional.

3. Exodus 14:14 “I [The Lord] will fight for you; you need only be still”

4. For breakthroughs and new ideas as I pursue going back overseas. The last few weeks have felt like I was stalled out, not going anywhere, just waiting for direction. This week though the Lord has opened several doors that have me super excited. More details coming soon.

5. Quiet moments and Christmas Music. Today is one of those days with the babies where one stops crying and fussing and the other one starts. Right now though, they are both sitting quietly in the living room playing, looking out the big windows and practicing their crawling (Mr A) and sitting/standing (Little E) skills. We are also enjoying some soft Christmas music to help get us into the season. 🙂


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