Under Construction

Same blog, new look. My blog was ready for a makeover. It needed a makeover. So this weekend I have been giving it one. What do you think? Is the background too busy? Does it make it hard to read the blog posts? Does anyone with superior computer skills to mine (not difficult, I assure you) know how I can change the font colors of the text headings on the main page? They seem hard to read to me. Any input is welcome!

Also, I just really like this picture. Nature is so beautiful.

One thought on “Under Construction

  1. I like your website, Ms Em.
    I also like the fact that you posted a pix. of my Confederate Rose we used in the Mission Conference Womens’ Breakfast and lunch! Funny story about those flowers…if you want them to be white in an arrangement, they must be picked and used in the same day…if you are going for PINK, they can be picked the day before. Our flower scheme was to use white and, since the flowers were for the b’fast, had to be picked the morning of…So guess who was out in the yard in her nightgown in the morningdark with a miner’s lamp strapped to her head holding a tree surgeon’s longlong heavy pole to clip the flowers just so the flowers would be white-ish for the breakfast decos?? Thanks for liking them so much ;)…it makes that hilarious scenario worth it.

    love you
    ms m

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