AWLE: Success & A Surprise

Finally! 2.5 weeks in, and we found a playground. Success! Not only that, we found two playgrounds, AND a lovely walking path! Oh, yes we did. Little E tried out the swing on her own for the first time and loved it! We will definitely be going back there a lot, especially as she and Mr A get bigger and can do more! And next time, we will park in the subdivision right near the playground, and not in the gravel parking lot across the major road. You live and you learn…that’s why they are called ‘adventures’. Haha. We were very happy yesterday. Here are some pictures from our foray into the great unknown!

Little E enjoying the swing! Look at how cute she is! Who could resist that face??
The beautiful path we got to meander down
The playground. I had to take a faraway shot because there were people there I don’t know. Didn’t want to be a creeper, you know.
















Aaaannnddddd we found out today that Mr. A is going to be joining us full-time on Monday. Surprise! Yes, this Monday. Not in three months, or one month. 4 days. And no more Fridays off or half days on Wednesday. 50 hours a week of straight babies. Eek! So, starting next week, it will be me and the 6 month olds out to conquer the world.  Well, almost 7 month olds. Good thing they are cute, and not too mobile as of yet. Their awesome moms are scurrying to get a double stroller bought this weekend so I can take them both out at the same time next week, and we are going to have a trial and error session to find out what works best for naps. Oooo it’s going to be a fun week.


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