Thankful Thursday: September 20th

Thursday again already! 5 things for today…

1. Naps! These early mornings are taking some getting used to, so I am glad that Little E takes naps, allowing me to get a few more minutes of sleep too. 🙂

2. Walking trails. The family I am nannying for lives nestled between 2 major roads, and we discovered today that one of them has a trail that is perfect for walking/running. We went 3.2 miles today!

3. The library. A world of books and entertainment only 1 mile from the house, and there is also FroYo in walking distance. Sweetness.

4. Trustworthy mechanics. Had an oil leak that was causing some unpleasant burning smells when driving Winston, and I was able to get it fixed on Tuesday with no problem, and it thankfully didn’t break the bank. And now Winston is ready to drive to SC next month! Hooray!

5. Coffee. Decaf, of course. I know some people think that makes it pointless, but it is still delightful, especially as the weather begins to cool and the mornings are in the 50’s!


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