Thankful Thursday: September 13th

Another 5 things to be thankful for on this beautiful Thursday evening!

1. My new job. Finished up week one nannying Little E today! I’m still getting used to the 10 hour days and 6:00am starts to my mornings, but the two of us are settling into a nice routine that is going to work out just great.

2. Malls. Little E and I went to the mall today to celebrate my first week and enjoy our first out-of-the-house adventure together! She did so good, and we had a delightful time walking around, looking at all the people and pretty things in the comfort of the air conditioning.

3. The Voice! And more specifically, a fun friend to watch it with. 🙂 We no longer can watch it in the same room, so we are experimenting skyping each other while we watch it. So far, so good. Bring on season 3!

4. House shoes. My toes have been chilly lately, and I am thankful for some warm and homey house shoes.

5. My mom’s cooking. Mmmmm one of my favorite parts of living at home again. Everything I learned about how to cook came straight from her, and it is always nice to go back to the source.

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