Adventures with Little E: #1

My new job here in the DC area for this year is nannying. Ah, it is like a dream come true. I get to play house all day and still sleep through the night. Genius! My charge is an adorable, roly-poly, blue-eyed 6 month old who I will refer to in the blog as Little E. She is a happy baby who loves being outside, giggling, eating, sleeping, rocking, and reading books. It’s like we are soul mates. 🙂

Yesterday was the first day on the job, and it was great. We went on a walk and explored the neighborhood, and she took three naps and ate about 5 times. It will take a few days to learn her cues and schedule, but I think we are going to get along well. I think she likes me too. As the year progresses, I will share stories of the adventures we have along the way. In January we will add Mr. A to the mix, and I will have two bundles of joy who are only 5 days apart. The adventures can only get better at that point! Ha.

Our walk yesterday was not merely for exercise, although the hills in northern Virginia do provide plenty of that, and I am not complaining one bit. Our objective was to find a park/playground to escape to when the house got a little too confining. So far we have surfaced nothing. Nothing. Not one park to be had in their entire neighborhood, or the other one down the street that we explored. We are going to keep looking though. Otherwise, I have a feeling we will be spending lots of time at the nearby mall and Barnes and Noble bookstore. Actually, I did find out that they have children’s story time on Mondays, which I am excited to take Little E to in the coming weeks!

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