Thankful Thursday: September 6th

It’s Thursday! And that means….5 more things to be thankful for!!

1. Rest. Last week was craaaaaaazzyyy. Completely. It felt like a whole month crammed into one week. So much happened, I honestly don’t even know how it all fit. So, this week my dear friend and I took a few days and ran away to Annapolis. It was the perfect retreat, with a few fun adventures and lots of downtime and time with Jesus. Thankful for her and her friendship, and what a blessing she is to me!

2. Creation. T and I went Kayaking yesterday, and it was lovely sitting in the middle of a creek, just admiring God’s amazing creation, enjoying the beauty and quiet nature had to offer.

3. Ice Cream. Oh man, Annapolis wins for best homemade ice cream I have had in a very long time. T and I had it for lunch one day and a snack another day. So delicious, we wondered why anyone in that town would get ice cream from anywhere else. We didn’t, that is fo sho.

4. God’s Sovereignty. Even when things go awry of how I thought they were going to go, Jesus still knows exactly what the plan is, and He is carrying it out. Hallelujah. This week I had the chance to trust Him in the midst of some interesting turns of events, and I look forward to seeing how He works it all out in the end.

5. Alarm clocks. Reality is setting back in, and tomorrow morning begins my shift back to waking up at the crack of dawn. Welcome to my new normal. 🙂


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